Adventurer - 3D character

Hi there! I’m opening a 3D character wip thread.
Feel free to give critique or sugestions any time.

Concept by Magnus Noren:


Update on the clothing


Working on the clothing

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Clothes ready for sculpting

Slooowly getting there. Armor almost done, still need to refine the clothing and detail the props.
Then I’ll get back to head sculpt and give him a haircut.

I think the high poly for props, clothing and armor is done. Maybe some wearing needed, but I’ll add that as a final touch to highpoly. Next up the fun part - hands and head. :slight_smile:


Keep going! This is looking better and better. Are you planning on rigging/animating him in the future?

Thanks! I’m thinking of doing a basic rig and idle animation at the end that will loop in sketchfab.
Here’s a head progress. Atm doing the hair. Not really sure how to nail it though.


Some more shots. Worked on hands and hair. Not much progress though. I think I’ll polymodel the hair strands instead of sculpting.

Decided to go with curves instead of sculpting the hair.


Some low poly topology fun.

Got bored with modeling low poly topology, started to test bake the head :sweat_smile:

Another day, another update. Low poly almost complete. Still have to retopo hair, eyes and spear.

Basically everything is retopoed.

Next up - UV fun :heart:

UV’s done and maps baked. Time for texture work.

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Started texture work. Still long way to go to nail it.

Updates on textures. Trying to get the overall look right at first before getting in to details.


ahah this toon looks really stupid XD
just like most of the toons designed for engines :wink:

However i love your work !
hmmmm how to say…
I’m fond of toons… of many various toons…

Okay yours seems to be too ‘triangle greedy’… but am sure you can divide by 10 you tris count and have almost the same result.

Keep in mind i talk just from my point of view :slight_smile: A toon like this one rendered in a film won’t do the trick but for realtime rendering, it’s quite interresting !

your texture work is really amazing. That’s the point :slight_smile:

Did you animate this toon ? i mean for common things… walk in 2/3 ways, waiting/idle, sword/spear fighting… ?

Plz lemme follow you :slight_smile:

have a nice day and happy blending !

This is lovely work! I LOVE the style you’ve chosen to go with for the face.

It honestly sometimes feels like people make weird, flawed, and illogical anatomy and facial expressions and justify it by saying “but it’s not photorealistic so I can”. What they often mean is “I didn’t want to put in the effort to make it look right, so I just call it stylized.”

You clearly show that “stylized” doesn’t mean “lazy”- your “stylized” is beautiful.

Thanks for replies, guys!
@pitibonom , not sure If i’ll animate it. Will do an idle animation pose I guess.
Here’s an update on facial texture. Again got bored texturing it and made a little expression :slight_smile: