Adventurer Character Model

Hey guys, I am creating an adventurer character model for a Unity game. Let me know what could be better and what I could improve upon thanks!!

Hello Pepperbot,

could you share some wireframe-images and maybe the artwork the charakter is based upon with us?
Otherwise it’s hard to help you.

The charakter is looking pretty good already by the way :slight_smile:

You can view the wireframe here

Also this is where I took the concept from

My main critique is watch where you’re spending your polys. Some polygon densities are crazy high compared to other regions. The basic look looks kind of low poly (which is what I assumed you’re going for), so I’d clean up the hands, the straps to the backpack, and buckles. You probably also don’t need those forms at the bottom of the shoes, they won’t get seen much.

I’d also add a couple of loops in the stomach area to help animate his stomach bending and twisting.