(Updated 4K render)
Original render can be found in the attachments. :slight_smile:

I finally took the last step and called this finished. At a point I found myself pulling the level-sliders in photoshop a bit to the left, just to pull it back again and realized it probably wouldn’t get any better… ^^

The project has been posted on the focused critiques tread for a while and thank you to everyone who gave me feedback - It has been appreciated!

The story…
Sooe… I guess the story is that the curious gummy bears are going on an adventure or an epic journey to the other side of the table. I got inspired by a supermarket magazine (see focused critiques tread) and started wondering how the life of a gummy bear is like.

Rendered with cycles(Post in the compositer + Photoshop).
4000 samples, 14 hours (caustics… x_x)


Another close up

  • and post processing



The material of the gummy minions is perfect…

And I loved the theme and the mood of the scene.

Very well done work.
Congratulations, Dan!! :slight_smile:

Hmmm!!! They look delicious :wink: Thank you for posting this. It made me smile. And it’s such a good work. Keep on like this!

Glad to see it finished, great concept and execution.

Oh… Thank you, guys!
Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Stunning, I ran out of words!

woooow I am speechless against this awesome work

Really loving the shaders here! What a fun project :smiley:

Excellent work! Those gummybears look so real!

Great idea, great render, well deserved top row spot.

One small issue I would note is the bright reflection off the pencil in the background, the white line that looks like it’s coming out of the orange gummy’s head, is very distracting. I would alter the pencil a bit to get rid of that then it would be perfect.

+1 Ryeath, When I looked at the thumbnail I thought that orange one was holding some sort of light saber and was going to hit the one climbing down from the bowl. :slight_smile:

And because image is too small in your first post, here’s a – LINK TO HI-RES RENDER –

Well done, it’s a great image.

ahhh! very cool!! inspiring

HAhahahahaahahahah Nice work!! Especially likeable and DELICIOUS :smiley:

Wow, thank you everybody! I really appreciate it!

First of all:
I did the post processing on my desktop and got a quite pleasing result. However, when I look at the image on my laptop I think it is way too dark. I have tried adjusting the color connection on my laptop, but I am wondering how I can make sure the image looks okay on most screens. - Do you guys have any tips? :slight_smile:

@Ryeath: Thank you for the feedback! I think the red pencil had an ‘unfortunate’ angle and because a lot of the lighting is ‘fake’, the object became way too bright. - I tried fixing it in photoshop, but the issue is still quite clear. The white line is probably caused by an too deep scratch in the bump-map texture. Thanks! ^^

@JoolsMcFly: Hahaha xD - Now I see the light saber too… Thank you for the link! - It’s really sad, but I feel like the image lose a lot of quality when it is enlarged. Maybe I should re-render it in a higher res. Thank you!!

Some of you have mentioned the bears’ material so here it is: (Without the bump mapping part)

The ‘Reflection-node’ is made by CynicatPro and it is awesome and really easy to use :slight_smile:


+1 just my thought as well.

Other than that - great picture!

Actually, after looking more I think the picture could be improved more by looking into placement and form.
For example by moving the red baby gum a bit to the left or right separating it from the parents, making it a sillouette against the background.
Right now the child and the orange parent somewhat becomes one.
Anyway great picture.

how did you do the gummy bear material?

Yes, the image on my desktop and laptop turns out to be too dark, and the effect of vignette stands out too dark. As for the color correction, there are external programs/tools that allow the calibration of them (Monitor Calibration as Lacie ecc. but they cost a lot)

Nice to see your image finished, great work and gratz of the feature!