Adventures of Suzanne: Rigid Body Example (Animation)

Hey! when i saw mrfranz’s rigid body tut, i just had to try it out. I find rigid/soft bodies and fluid simulation the coolest part of 3D animation. Anyway, i made a marble roll which also includes Suzanne the monkey bouncing along with everything else. I can’t believe how well the animation in this came out, i’m simply astounded by what blender can do.

Time: 44 sec.
Size: 3.41 MB
Render Time: 2 Hours


P.S. i find it helps to view the anim twice, once to watch the monkey and once to watch the rest of the marbles. Also, i will take crits, if i get some major ones i might render again.

Nice. :smiley: Where is that tutorial? I’d like to know as well.

Thanx for the compliment. Here’s the tut. Try it out!

Really demonstrates the possibilities. Nice one. Reminds me of @ndy’s soft body ball barrage a while back.

Clever stuff, I must try it!!