Adventures of Xyoni

Hi everyone. This is my first post on Blender Artists :). I’m working on a small game to practice using the game engine (I’ve done other games but got bored of them…). Here’s the story:

You’re a thief named Xyoni (zee-oh-nee) and you do typical thief stuff: getting coins and other shiny objects. You want to be rich and so are also on the lookout for diamonds, which are much more rare than coins. Very simple.

The gameplay:
You go around collecting as many coins as you need to clear the level. In each level there is a diamond(s) that is in an out of the way place (since they’re so rare) and collecting all of the diamonds many earn you something special (haven’t decided what though…). There are going to be around 5-7 small levels where you collect stuff. There will also be some other thieves that chase you and make you have to restart the level.

And here’s Xyoni:

And here’s the game:

It’s not much, but I’m working on it. Oh yeah, and the cube chases you (he’ll be a thief later :p)

Here’s a demo (file’s big, though):…/xyoni10.blend

looks very nice. is there a demo?

Graphics look nice. how are the controls and logic coming?

Thanks. Here’s a demo: (it’s a big file, though). The controls are okay, could use some work though.

Level 2 Update (still needs a lot of work ^^):

It’s a swamp. The levels get much more interesting as you go on, so they’re not all boring like the first one :).

Wow, looks great so far! I love this kind of simple cartoon platformer game. The ones that have great gameplay and simple graphics (like all those N64 platformers) keep up the good work!

I like the level design, but the textures look a bit blurry. But hey, it’s WIP, so it doesn’t matter. Keep up the great work!

Thanks everyone ^_^. Simple was what I was going for. Yeah, the textures could be better, but I’m trying to keep the file size kinda small. I’ll try to fix it, though.

Hey, I fix a bunch of things in the game, like how you used to stop and do the stand animation even though you were pressing the Up arrow! I also fixed some animation glitches, feel free to use it as ref, no credit needed. It very nice! Good Luck

Instead of the theifs chasing you, you should make them police, that would make for since lol

Bye and good luck again : D

Wow, thanks! It works much better now. Yeah, now that I think of it, the police makes much more sense…but I was getting inspiration from the Sly Cooper games where the other thieves’ minions chase you. But level 3 will have guards ;).