Advertisement - Crème Melkesjokolade

Hi, I want to share an advertisement image I made for Hennig Olsen ( with Blender

Portfolio link :

Final render :

2K final render :

Clay :

Screenshots :



Yay I love that ice cream in norway it’s everywhere :slight_smile:

nice work

Oops duplicate post

Lovely work, Sebastian! Great to see it finally done. :wink:

Woow @sheepHD , then I have to try those ice creams! haha Cool, thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you Reyn! I end up making a mix of both lightings :smiley:

Great job! This looks really tasty! :slight_smile:

Thank you ShadowCamero! :slight_smile:

Wow, I love to see how your work consistently grows in quality! Keep up the good work man, 5*

Thanks a lot bossestrenders! :smiley: