Advertising - Has it gone too far?

Some BA screenshots-

Fine by me:

Makes me want to puke:

Is BA really this strapped for cash? Maybe there should be a paid option to remove ads?

Just my 2 cents - no flamewar intended,

I do not think that BA can really control what adds are displayed. Sometimes I see the add of a local computer store I occasionally browse. On the other hand I get 3D/CGI related adds on other sites. So I think its more of the data trail the user leaves, that is responsible for what adds you see.

Where do you see ads? I didn’t even know BA had any. ABPlus for the win.

the ads reflect what you search for and where you tend to visit.

He got you there LMAO

lol I don’t get any ads either. Ad Block Plus FTW!

Also note, sometimes revenue agreements forbid open discussion of the ads in the forums.

I absolutely don’t care what’s advertised up there.
And I explicitly disabled ABP for blenderartists so my “views” generate income - sort of non-efford donations to BA. :wink:

Hahahaha, I’m glad mine is the first one so! :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange - Dating sites aren’t my thing - I’m married with two kids :wink:

If you have Chrome, get Ad Block Plus. Works for me.

Or don’t, seriously people the ads are there to keep this site going, disabling them is just wrong…

Ads bring in money when people click on them. The kind of person to use ABP isn’t the sort to be clicking on them in the first place.

No need for ABP. Just updating your hosts file works perfect 95% of the time. Not that I don’t think BA should get revenue. I just never click on ads anyway.

They only get money for clicks, not views.

You don’t have to visit a site sometimes it can be just what you type or an email you get, because of the nature of my work I get emails about air conditioning units the banner ad on my gmail will change to one hawking AC units.

These banner ads are google ads, the build a profile on you so the have probably already guessed that you are male and what your age is likely to be, so the could just be serving you ads intended for that age group without knowing whether you are married or not.

If you look on the google page there is a way to retrieve what kind of profile the have built on you.

Funny thing happened to me today… After reading this thread, I saw an ad for boxed breakfast cereal, you know, the disgusting stuff you dump in a bowl and pour milk over… So I guess google got that one wrong… (actually, I think it was an ad for discount coupons, but I didn’t click on it)

Generally, for breakfast, I prefer steak & eggs or half a dozen cups of coffee & a pack of camel filters…


Maybe its your wife :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey guys,

Apologize if your seeing ads not relevant to CG. We do try to make sure ads that hit the site are relevant to the 3D industry as much as possible. I will see if I can dive into the Google adverts settings to see if we can block these advertisers on the site.

Adverts are a necessary evil we must run on the site, so much appreciation to those that don’t block and it greatly helps pay for the bandwidth this site takes on each day, (Approx 30-35GB daily)

Thanks for hanging with us on the site and Happy Blending!


If you get paid per view rather than per click, I will gladly turn off my ad block for you guys.

splash (ring being flushed down toilet) :wink:

I am fine with the ads - just can we keep them CG?