Adverts in middle of discussion threads

Why this forum have adverts in middle of thread discussions ?
Why advertising games ? when most of us don’t want such adverts ?

Can this be disabled ?

It’s what pays for the hosting, etc


While on top or bottom or side zones it’s ok.

While in middle of a thread discussion it’s not acceptable and i never seen that elsewhere.

It will only force people using advert blockers and use other forums instead.

Why not ask for your money back?

Better yet, why not support BlenderArtists and avoid seeing these things entirely


All users not using Patreon but allowing adverts on the site are allowing the site make money indeed, it’s obvious.
And it’s ok for adverts.

I’m mainly pointing it’s really not good putting adverts in middle of discussions.
None other forums i use that have many adverts do that.

Why would not be some more respectfull about all users allowing adverts by not displaying adverts in middle of a discussion ?

BTW, it is as it is.

What pays about the adds exactly, its it the views or the clicks?

Only the views pays already.

Like Youtube , TV , or any web page, or anything, when your screen display some video or image advert, it’s already money.

BTW, i’m just very surprised it’s the only forum putting adverts in the middle of a thread, and we don’t need to bother and just say it’s not very appropriate.

If that’s the case, I think they could create a page to solve this problem.

They could create an advertisements page that shows many ads and you could scroll though it for a while and each ad shown in this page would count for one add not shown while you are browsing threads.

So you could basically open this page, scroll through it for a few minutes and enjoy an adless experience for the rest of the day.

Perhaps the most horrible idea I have ever heard, straight out of black mirror.

Well another alternative is an ad blocker. But honestly, I think we need to end this advertisement arms race.

It’s fine as it is, adverts at top, bottom and right side, those are ok.

What is not correct and not very respectfull is advert in the middle of discussions.
Perhaps they could put many adverts at the bottom of a page or make them dynamic or add more on top, but really not keep adverts in middle of discussions.

I will admit, however, that it is a workable and practical solution, it just seems unspeakable horrible. I mean we do wind if scrolling through it anyway. I just imagine the future where we wear those brainwave helmets and they show us images and peer into our soul. But only for 30 seconds, then we’re ad free until sundown!

Tbh, If the adds werent as creepy as they are, I would be ok with them anywhere, but they straight up seem to be run by stalkers. So I use ad block always.

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I think the problem is that they will show up on your face anyway, so I think It feels better if we have some amount of control over them without needing to extreme measures such as an ad blocker.

But can’t (or soon) sites can tell if the client is ad blocking and refuse content? It’s an endless cat and mouse game.

Or they could stop making bad ads but I think it will never happen.

This is a great response!

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That’s really how advertising works. Like back in the days of radio…you heard your favorite song, then some guy with a funny voice says something witty - THEN YOU HEAR AN AD - especially if your favorite song is popular.

The thing is that ads are too intrusive imo, like you are searching for a product on eBay, and suddenly all ads you see are about this product that you gave up buying. Really annoying stuff. The only thing more annoying than that are TikTok ads.

Heck, if I want to buy something, I will search for it, stop shoving ads about it in my face!

This site is busy. I’m sure @bartv knows the exact stats, but it’s fair to say it gets a lot of views and has a fair number of active users. For that there are a grand total of 21 patrons donating via Patreon, for a total of $62 a month. 21 out of the thousands who visit and use the site daily. I’m not saying this to boast about how I am one of the 21. I’m only donating $2.50/month. It’s the least I can do for a site I get so much from.

Adverts help pay for the site. You already know a way to get rid of them without using an adblocker.

Advertisers want people to see their adverts. I’m sure the ones paying for ads that appear halfway down a topic might be paying more than ones that are featured at the side or at the bottom.

There might be an argument about relevance of specific adverts on this site, but that’s a different discussion.