Adverts in middle of discussion threads

It’s fine as it is, adverts at top, bottom and right side, those are ok.

What is not correct and not very respectfull is advert in the middle of discussions.
Perhaps they could put many adverts at the bottom of a page or make them dynamic or add more on top, but really not keep adverts in middle of discussions.

I will admit, however, that it is a workable and practical solution, it just seems unspeakable horrible. I mean we do wind if scrolling through it anyway. I just imagine the future where we wear those brainwave helmets and they show us images and peer into our soul. But only for 30 seconds, then we’re ad free until sundown!

Tbh, If the adds werent as creepy as they are, I would be ok with them anywhere, but they straight up seem to be run by stalkers. So I use ad block always.

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I think the problem is that they will show up on your face anyway, so I think It feels better if we have some amount of control over them without needing to extreme measures such as an ad blocker.

But can’t (or soon) sites can tell if the client is ad blocking and refuse content? It’s an endless cat and mouse game.

Or they could stop making bad ads but I think it will never happen.

This is a great response!

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That’s really how advertising works. Like back in the days of radio…you heard your favorite song, then some guy with a funny voice says something witty - THEN YOU HEAR AN AD - especially if your favorite song is popular.

The thing is that ads are too intrusive imo, like you are searching for a product on eBay, and suddenly all ads you see are about this product that you gave up buying. Really annoying stuff. The only thing more annoying than that are TikTok ads.

Heck, if I want to buy something, I will search for it, stop shoving ads about it in my face!

This site is busy. I’m sure @bartv knows the exact stats, but it’s fair to say it gets a lot of views and has a fair number of active users. For that there are a grand total of 21 patrons donating via Patreon, for a total of $62 a month. 21 out of the thousands who visit and use the site daily. I’m not saying this to boast about how I am one of the 21. I’m only donating $2.50/month. It’s the least I can do for a site I get so much from.

Adverts help pay for the site. You already know a way to get rid of them without using an adblocker.

Advertisers want people to see their adverts. I’m sure the ones paying for ads that appear halfway down a topic might be paying more than ones that are featured at the side or at the bottom.

There might be an argument about relevance of specific adverts on this site, but that’s a different discussion.

If you don’t want to see ads, then use an ad blocker.

However, don’t blame us if Bart loses revenue and he has to impose severe limitations on users (to save bandwidth), things like restricting image sizes and the number of images that can be uploaded per month, or maybe even banning the upload of .blend files and videos.

As a responsible internet user, I have my ad blocker turned off for all sites I trust won’t have ads that might try to give me a virus or other malware. The extreme black & white view many people on the internet hold is why many sites now have paywalls.

The problem is this ads are served by the same company , most likely Google analytics and Google Adsense which means Google gets to know about All your browsing habits even when you’re not on there website.

That being said for ads that’s seems to follow you around using ad blockers is not the best solution disabling personalised ads on your Google account and user history is…

Edit I have global ad blocker and didn’t even know there was ads on this forum LoL. I may have to learn how to whitelist this website any advise about how to do that , I use ublock origin

Ads are usually annoying, but I feel like ads on BA don’t really get in the way. On Pandora & YouTube ads take 5-30 seconds. At least you can scroll past them here and they don’t take up too much screen space. On a side note, I honestly think I’ve never clicked on an ad and bought something, despite seeing them daily. Sometimes I see ads that are interesting, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever bought something because of an ad. Well, it’s possible I did a couple times, but I can’t remember any. Obviously some people click ads, otherwise there’d be no revenue, but it seems like a lost cause to show ads to someone like me. I’m a minimalist and don’t have much stuff.

Advertising is a strange beast. Mostly advertisers are looking for brand adherence, not necessarily actual click through sales. At a sports event, which is a good time, Coke or Pepsi, depending on who pays up, bombards you with branding while you’re having a good time, so hopefully next time you have an impulse to reach for a soda it will be that brand. If your are bombarded with branding of, say, Sunlight Liquid, while relaxing and browsing the boards, next time you are in a rush at the supermarket, you will grab that brand as you rush by, the theory goes. That said, advertising has zero impact on most folks, a figure advertising companies use to inflate the number of impressions advertisers need to purchase as their attempts are mostly useless…

I mostly tune the imagery out, I don’t use an ad blocker purposefully as I know Bart needs the revenue, however I do use the Brave browser on my phone, as pages seem to load faster, if stuff is blocked, or at least that is what Brave’s branding has led me to believe…

Simple answer: no ad revenue = no more Blender Artists. I spend over $500/month to keep this place running and without this revenue I’d have to shut it down.

Inserting ads between posts is not uncommon on forums. On Discourse, you’ll not see the AdSense banner at the top of bottom of the page most of the time and that would result in a huge drop of revenue.

To remove the ads and still support Blender Artists, please become a Patreon, this will really help us keep the lights on. Thanks!


I disabled my adblocker and the ads are still not showing , it only show up if I disable the new tracking protection on Firefox which is a global setting unfortunately

Wow… That’s expensive. Thank you for keeping this forum up & running!

I added a link to our Patreon to these adds to help people discover it:

Yeah, Firefox does a (too good :wink: ) job at blocking ads.

I use ublock origin and don’t get ads in threads but the ones on the top and on the side are there.
They don’t bother me and since ublock origin does not catch them and they usually show stuff like addons instead of some useless nonsense I assume they might be inserted manually instead of automatically.

We have three different kinds of ads:

  1. AdSense at the top of the page and between replies. This is Google generated stuff, and most adblockers will block these.
  2. Every now and then, we have a manual ‘header’ graphic at the top of the page. This is just discourse content and is usually not blocked. These are always for Blender products or services.
  3. The small banner to the right of the topic. These are usually also not blocked, and these are also always about Blender products.

See here for more info: