Advice: 1st person to 3d person?

Hi I was wondering what would be the best way to change from 1st to 3d person view. First of all, should I have the player character inside the collision box and have the camera there as well, or should I only have his hands visible, and add the actual player when he goes into third person? Also, should I have the camera move, or have the camera swap, then move all the empties i have parented to the camera to the new camera, and re-parent them? Also how would I handle rotating the camera in 3d person view around the player? Just change its pivot point if thats possible or is there a better way?


The simplest way is to swotch the camera. At least you need to need to move the camera from one position to the other. You can even use a third switching camera which performs a smooth motion between them.

Regarding your empties: why do you have e,pties at your cameras? A camera acts on its own. Your description sounds like you use the camera for something else.

Indeed in fpv you do not need the full character. Mostlikely you do not even have matching arms. So you need to hide the fact that you are exchanging the models. The simplest was is as stated above, swotch them while switching the camera.

Be aware the camera for a tpv needs other features as for a fpv. E.g orbiting, wall collision handling.

Ok thanks! Yeah that sounds pretty tricky though. Well I have empties for several reasons, first of all I don’t want all the player’s properties to be part of the collision box since that might change during the game (its an rpg; he might transform into a werewolf which is larger for instance) so one empty has his stats. Another empty has the inventory lists and other stuff, and two other empties are equipped item spawners for. I’m guessing this is the wrong way to do this…

No this sounds reasonable. The question is why they are parented to the camera. Would it make sense to have a separate object (e.g. a new empty) to act as parent. This object can be the parent of the camera too. This way you can un-parent the camera, without side effects.

Ok thanks, I might do that.