Advice And Resources For A Beginner?

Hello everyone,

I just recently got into Blender and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tutorials that would be beneficial to someone like me – a newbie. I just started college and my major is Multimedia Design and I plan to go down the path of 3D Animation for a career. We’ll be using Lightwave in class but it’s incredibly difficult to find tutorials for the program. Blender, however, seems to have a huge community behind it!

After browsing through Youtube I managed to find some great channels to subscribe to: tutor4u, Andrew Price, blendercookie, etc… and I compiled a sort of lesson plan for myself. I’ve bookmarked and listed a bunch of beginner videos/tutorials that I think would help me get a lay of the land, so to speak, and understand the basics of modeling, animation, and texturing.

Still, I don’t think it’s enough.

So, if any of you veterans would like to offer some input and answer some questions it would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

TL;DR: College student looking for assistance/advice/resources.


  1. Is it easy transitioning from Blender to Maya? I read that Maya is the industry standard, but, like Lightwave, there are few tuts for a newbie like myself. So it’s not really an option for someone who wants to get their feet wet.

  2. How did you get started? Modeling, Animating, whatever.

  3. What do you think of Source Filmmaker? My end-goal after I become competent with Blender is to make my own videos in the program. Do you think it’s a good tool?

  4. What (Book, Youtuber, Website, Etc) helped you the most when you started?