Advice for working with books

I have a question. When learning Blender, should I go with two books alternating or focus on one? If only one, should I go with Blender 3D Noob to Pro (combined with the Blender manual) or Character Development in Blender 2.5? Thanks for your advice.

But why books? CG Boost have a free course

One, I don’t like to switch views between programs. Two, I have issues using newer versions of Blender (2.8 and up). Three, I’ve had some Blender books for a while just never finished them. Four, I prefer physical media as opposed to video and pdf files on my computer.

You don’t like switching between views? Don’t you realize you have to do that as long as you use 3d software? Switching between views is very easy. 1 for front view, 3 for side view, 7 for top view

Both books are outdated with 2.5 and 2.75. if you use the current blender 2.8 or 2.9 version which i would advise. The are so many changes since 2.8, i would recommend a new book or maybe a second cheap monitor. If you want to use the old book start with the Blender 3D Noob to Pro.

I have an old 17" as second monitor and it is nice to have docs, tutorials, … open beside.
Maybe you can get an used old monitor cheap or free from a person around you.

I feel ya there and I don’t know exactly why, but I have always preferred having a physical book in front of me when learning any kind of software, web design or other computer-related thing.

Not sure why it’s more comfortable than a digital reference book on a screen - but it is

The only exception to a book being preferential for me is programming: being so heavily practical it usually means copy/pasting sample code snippets and continuous editing, so books only act as a barrier for me when expanding my coding abilities.


I think maybe because a book allows your brain to slow down and relax more; which allows a more organic kind of focus and more solid absorption of information, which is probably as much about the association books have for us - we are raised through school and into adulthood to sit down with a book and read it - the book gets our individed attention and there’s no pressure with a book to turn to the next page until we’ve fully read and understood the page we’re on.

Digital media on the other hand: we’ve been trained to absorb information in that format quick quick quick, because there’s always so much more waiting to be quickly rushed through in time for MAW digital input - it illicits that faster, less accurate mode of learning because that’s the way it’s always come at us: hard and fast.

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From a video file or a web page and Blender.

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I’m working with Blender Noob to Pro along with the Manual.

I have some issues with 2.8 and 2.9 on my current computer. The main version I’m using at the moment is 2.79.

This is a very good book and it is up to date. You can buy it as a Paperback (paper form) or as an e-book (kindle edition)

I did have the idea of getting a portable DVD player and burning the video tutorials on DVD (I have a way of downloading YouTube videos to my computer).

I have the second edition of that book.

I’d say it’s due to having a nice reference right there for easy access, no flipping back and forth between windows necessary.

Another nice thing is that you can absorb info at a more leisurely pace with text than you can with a video. With the latter, you watch someone do something, and try to repeat it, but if you forget anything, you have to scrub back through the video looking for the one specific part you’re confused about, interrupting the whole learning process.


The second edition is outdated. This third edition is for the long term support blender version (LTS) 2.83. So this book is valid for 2 years and more

Oh yeah: I wasn’t even thinking about video learning in my little reflection there - just digital text versus printed: video tutorials really annoy me honestly.

Like, if I wanted to learn how to correctly knot a neck-tie, a video would be perfect for that kinda thing.

But complicated shit like learning software, where there’s groups of actions you have to follow in order while alt+tabbing back and forwards from tutorial to software, that’s kinda stressful and strikes me as much less efficient than even screenshots with text.

Videos are understandably faster and easier for the tutor creating the tutorial though, since they can just do it live then leave it to you to follow - compared to the time and effort it takes to take screen grabs, then crop them, then place em in a web page or PDF, THEN add text - and then the software you’re training for, changes versions or features or the interface changes slightly and that whole PDF needs to be revised :grimacing:

Videos are nice in the sense that seeing something performed right in front of you can help you wrap your head around it that much easier. It’s just that when you’re talking about a process that requires 40 odd steps, it can be difficult to follow along.

I learned almost exclusively through video. The way I’d do is that I’d watch a half hour or so of a tutorial, then try to repeat the steps of what I learned afterwards. Of course, I’d eventually forget some important step, and I’d have to spend a few good minutes clicking through the video looking for the info I need.

It’s especially bad when you have a tutorial where the narrator…uhhhhhhh…takes…uhhhh…you know…uuhhhhhh, forever to get to…uhhhhh…the…uhhhhhhh thing? The dealie-bob? Yeah…uuhhhhhh…the point.

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Reminds me that, of the fact there’s also those narrators who’re just REALLY annoying to have to sit and watch or listen to: I’ve switched video’s off or closed the tab completely a fair number of times when confronted with a video that looked good going in, until the personality of the dood IN the video instantly grated on me.

Thirty seconds in, I’m starting to feel like the host is inflicting themselves on me…

Forty seconds in, I would rather be water-boarded than listen to this…

Sixty seconds in: click - I am just done, thank you.

It happens.

Not a major deal, though you never know - it might have been the best video on that topic you’ll ever see as far as information goes, but the person is just too obnoxious or cheesy or whatever to sit through.

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Fortunately, the really, really, REALLY annoying people tend not to make tutorials. They’re usually too busy snorting gasoline while screaming at the camera for likes, or whatever it is the kids do these days.

Among the tutorial maker set, the worst are the monotone mumblers, and the constant asiders. I can endure them, though they can drive me up the wall sometimes.

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Part of the reason why I want to put out pdf files. People can download them and print them out and they can take their good sweet time with them. Part of the problem with printing out web pages is part of an image is on one page and the other part is on the next page.

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I already have that web page bookmarked. At the moment I want to get parts to build myself a new computer. If there is a week where I don’t have any bills to pay and I can swing it (even if it’s through a marketplace seller), I’ll order that book.

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