Advice: Gameplay tips on respawn systems?

Hey sorry if this isn’t the best place to ask this but what would be a good way to do respawning for an RPG game? Not how to code it per se, I would most likely figure out how to do that, but I mean the actual method of respawning. Skyrim has the save files, Minecraft has losing items and beds as spawnpoints, darksouls has the fires. Any suggestions for what works the best, maybe from experience or depending on how certain games work?

This is up to you and your game idea. I do not know anything about it.

It seriously depends on the exact kind of game you’re trying to make. It has to make sense in the context of your RPG. Skyrim/Elder Scrolls/Fallout makes sense because of the obvious meta feel you get from such a huge world. Minecraft is a survival game, so losing what you’ve scavenged makes sense in its gameworld.

What’s the importance of dying in your game? Why exactly is dying bad, and why should your player try at all costs to stay alive?

(Also, checkpoints are a popular system for respawning. It’s better if they’re easily spelled out with a physical model/object, like the Borderlands life machines or the Spongebob games and their quacking popup signs.)

Ok thanks for the suggestions