advice needed to make model better

hey guys i finially go to fit 2 cylinders into a main one the way i like it. took me a long time to figure it out but it seems what i want now. i know it seems easy but it was harder then it looks

but how whats the proper way to fix this to make it look normal in edit view? i tried to edge slide things to clean things up but it looks really messed up and accidently saved too. it looked really bad before anyways.

what should i do different?

there it is

hopefully you arnt thinking im a lost cause or something. im dedicated to get it right


Hi, I understand what you mean. You can do this, instead of sliding vertices or using the cut tool you can just delete faces and then extrude them. After that you can press F to make a whole new face at the tip of the extruded pipe.

Lowering the number of vertices in a circle also helps at the start, right after you put in a circle into the scenes press T to bring up the transform tool bar and under “Add Circle” you can limit the vertices. In the render below I had it at 8 which seems a bit too low, so something higher might work better. Having less vertices makes it more manageable. I’ve attached a blend file, you can explore that if you want.

A thing which helps a lot is how you view the object in the viewpoint, press 5 on your numpad to toggle between orthographic view or perspective and use the other numbers to switch between sides.

Good luck!

Share1.blend (511 KB)