advice needed

(PowerMacG4) #1

I’m still new to Blender.
Is it best to build objects and save them to use for future projects i.e. car tires, tv’s, desks. That way when I build scenes I just import them in to ease the work load.
So I should focus alot of my training on making useful objects that can be used later and improved on.
So is a Object library recommended?

(mthoenes) #2

I highly recommend building your own model library.

Before I save my model to my Library folder I do the following:

  1. Consider the scale, is it appropriate to your scenes.
  2. Render a 320 x 240 reference image (see below for naming idea)
    (I put this in a common folder so I can quickly see a thumbnail view of my library.)
  3. Delete camera, lights, etc… everything not related to the model
  4. Set the model on level 1
  5. Set the origin of the base of the model to (0,0,0) or parent it to an empty at that location.
  6. Make sure the model components have logical object names
  7. Make sure the materials have logical names.
    (This naming is time consuming to do, but a big time-saver later on)
  8. Save the model to your Library folder and give it a name like:

house01_model_001.blend (name_type_Revision Number)

Name your image: house01_model_001.jpg

To append to a scene, browse to the file, then the objects sub folder and select all (Shift-A) and append…Your model and materials will be appended.

When I build a scene, I leave level one open for model appending. I usually do not link to the model file, as I often want to adjust the orientation of the model, but that can be very useful.

I recommend keeping your organization structure simple. The more subfolders you make to your library the more complicated it gets. If you have 50 models in one folder, It will still be easy to find if you have named them well. You also have the thumbnail images to reference.
You can use the blender image browser to view them.

Good Luck