Advice on a Scene

I’ve been playing around with an animation of character walking up some stairs and jumping through a window into a room. I have the basic layout of the room and a shot of the outside building (not finished yet). Im happy where i am with modelling but always seem to destroy my scenes when it comes to lighting, materials and texture. I’ve used Yafray and im hoping to get some advice on the side of the building because it just looks crap and i don’t know why. Im pretty sure its the settings i have with Yafray but playing around with them yealds no improvements. I have used HDRI (i think) for the outside with a sun. Should i get rid of the sun and just leave HDRI on. I also can’t get the scene looking crisp, even though i have played around with AA. (Hence the ‘jagged’ edges). Any advice or links would be appreciated.

Nice interior scene, but what were the render times for it? consider that if your plans are to make an animation. By the way I think you used GI for the illumination, not very good for an animation, since artifacts tend to be different in every frame you render (you’ll get a flickering wall).
The wooden plancks of the interior scene seem wet or waxed but are well made.
For the outside scene, i’d make a bump map for the brick wall and improve the metal material of the stairs.
Nice work in general! I’d like to see new improved renders

try to use more than one texture for the blanks. Helps to make it more realistic

Thnx for those comments and suggestions, they helped alot. I would have probably ditched this if i hadn’t received them.
I’ve worked on the outside a bit. Switched back to old trusty BI and still playing around with the materials. Still have alot more to add. I know its far from great but i think a hell of alot better then that first rubbish i posted.

The corner looks weirdly shaved off.

The new image looks a lot better than the first one. Couple of comments: the bolt heads on the stairs don’t seem to connect with the steps and the straps on the pipe are a little too new looking.

You might want to try putting a concrete column at the building corner, instead of running the brick all the way. As daredemo said, that corner bevel just doesn’t work with the brick texture.

yea the seond shot is much better - I think its trial and error on the part of lighting but be obsevant - see what other people don’t! - If that’s any use to you!!

Started modelling a machine the character will be using once his through the window (half modelled). Fixed the bolts and the corner of the building. Wasn’t sure where to put that extra column. The scene consists of 3 buildings all tied together with the walkways. The lighting sux the big one, hopefully i can improve it and the buildings themselves to have more geometry because they look to ‘cubee’. In general im not really happy with the way its looking, too flat, blend and boring? Should look allright animated hopefully.
Once again thnx for the comments.
Dundaglan: Yep. that was usefull actually.