Advice on computer and laptop.

Hi guys!!

I’m looking to upgrade my desktop computer and I am going at the moment for these:

i7 6700k cpu
Gigabyte z170x Gaming 3. Motherboard
16 gb 2133 Kingston

Is that the best choice of CPU for blender for around the same price? I’m also looking to use the pc for gaming lol, my current computer has a 980ti Gaming video card.

I’m also looking to buy a laptop to do some modeling on the go, because I’m upgrading my pc as well the budget is fairly low ( just for modeling, not texturing or rendering) maybe 300-400$AUD, what should I look for in that price range or is it too low?


The 6700K is more then enough for most work, 16GB should be enough for “normal” work

But IT does depend on what are you working on now. 've seen people rendering on a Pentium M better images then someone with a i7-6700K.

Laptops with dedicated GPU’s even low end should be considered to show viewport at good speeds (depending on polycount of course)

Preferably a GTX 940 range be a minimum, this would also boost your rendering speeds if on rare cases you’ll need it.

The Intel 4400m integrated graphics are fine for basic modeling and texturing for game models. The Skylake mobile GPUs are about twice as powerful from what I’ve seen from benchmarks. If you can find an i5 6200u laptop with a 240Gig SSD for your price range, you’ll be golden. Otherwise you’ll have to make some tradeoffs. CUDA would be nice, but might not be utilized enough for what you want. You could also factor in the possibility of upgrading the HDD to SSD and RAM in the near future. Some laptops make this easy. Others, not so much.

Hey guys! Thanks for replying.

laptops with a 940 seem a bit over the budget at the moment but maybe I can find something.

so for basic modeling I should look for a laptop with at least a i5 6200u?