Advice on how to create your own custom shortcut

Hi guys and gals,

Just wondering if someone can give me advice or a tutorial on how to create my own custom shortcut.

When cleaning my model, I often use the scale key to align all vertices however constantly pressing;

- S, Z, 0, Enter
- S, X, 0, Enter
- S, Y, 0, Enter

…can become increasingly annoying, especially when working with mid poly models. Therefore, I am trying to create a key bind for each using the following:

- Alt Numpad 1/2/3

Can anyone tell me how to add as well as the command to do so?

Many many thanks in advance,

Perhaps you can script this and turn it into an operator, then assign that operator into a hotkey. I’ve never dealt with transforms in scripting, so I’m not sure if just running the transform commands sequentially would work.

Do you know any scripting? Are you willing to learn or just want the solution? I might be able to hack a script if you want.

Hi Karmaral,

Thanks for getting back to me!

Unfortunately I haven’t got the first clue about scripting, 3D Art is my specialty. If you could that’d be fantastic, definitely something that I’m sure in the 3D Art sides of things could be very helpful.

Many thanks

If you are on Windows, possibly a simpler method would be to employ Auto-HotKey (AHK).

AHK allows you to create macros that intercept keypresses before Blender, and emit a sequence of fake keypresses. It also will emulate mouse clicks. It’s very versatile, and it’s free.

Alright, I do like to hack these little workflow things into neat little addons, so here it is: (4.4 KB)

Save it and install it like any other addon. I’ve mapped X Y Z and All (if you ever get to use that… maybe) to alt 1/2/3/4. You can easily change it via the shortcuts though, into anything you’d like.

Cheers! and may your work be a little bit faster :hugs:

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I would definitely advice using autohotkey if it weren’t for Blender’s fantastic scripting flexibility. You do make me wonder though… Perhaps there are not-so-open programs that I could be using it on… I’ll give it a try later, too!

The advantage to learning AHK is you can use it on SOOooooo many programs that have zero scripting ability, or to leverage any scripting ability available further.

I was able to wedge a MUCH more convenient Search capability into a certain software (they were very dumb about their defaults) using AHK.

Thank you so much for this Karmaral, its an excellent shortcut and exactly what I needed. Hope this addon picks up more traction as its very useful (at least for me lol) and will definitely be sharing it in class, I will also look into AHK for my other software too, thanks for that input Jeric_Synergy.

Again, many thanks and shout out to you. Great little addon.
+ Respect

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