Advice on how to start modelling this character

Hi all,

I have started to model the attached character (my first ever) and was hoping some of you would be able to give some advice on the way you would model the head (i.e. Would you do the face and rear head, eyes and mouth as seperate meshes?). Also, some thoughts about the materials would be great.

Any advice or thoughts appreciated.


Were you thinking of a human-like head? You know you don’t actually have to model the whole thing. I know it’s lazy but there is a crazy little program called Make Human.
Once you’ve modeled a person in this program, you can export it into a .obj file witch can be imported with blender. the like

I really don’t think MakeHuman is what you want to model this particular character. You could almost do it with just a couple of subdivided cubes and textures.

Here’s a good place to start for info on textures and uv mapping.

I’d keep the entire head a single mesh, except for the center of the eye, which should be able to move independently without distorting the eye shape. When the mouth opens or stretches, it should distort the surrounding face, the nose and cheeks and such, so it should be part of the same mesh.

Mayang’s Free Textures has patterend fabric textures. You probably won’t be able to find an exact match, but you might find something suitable. Blender Nation repositories lists other texture libraries to search.

Another possibility is just to go for texture eyes. Here’s a tutorial on how to animate those.