Advice on making eyelashes?

trying to make eyelashes for a character I’m working on, tries using just ordinary hair as well as the hairnet addon to get them in the right shape, but nothing really seems to work. Any advice?

What about hand-modelling the eye lashes? It may seem like a big task, but once you do it for one eye, you could just duplicate and mirror for the other eye. They could be simple cylinders extruded to the length you need that then taper off to a point.

hmm, that could potentially work maybe

Basically what @Hunkadoodle said. The way I do lashes is with curves. Make two separate curves, one will determine the tapering and the other will be your actual lashes. Yes, you will be making these by hand, but once you get like 3 or 4 bundles you can copy and paste along the eyelid.
Only downside, if you use a mirror modifier and you plan in rigging you character later, you’ll have to covert it to a mesh to get the lashes working with the rig the way you want it to.

well I’m not planning on rigging, so this is probably the way to go, thanks

For a low polygone model, you would make the eyelashes using polygones. This will be the region the eye lashes are too show. Then paint the eye lashes on a texture. So you would have some squares for eye lashes. For example one solid deformed polygone, that gets all it’s definition from a texture.

yeah, I concidered that, but the rest of the model is quite detailed, so I’d like the lashes 3-dimentional

thanks a lot, the curve method is working out quite well

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