Advice on modeling bird feet

so, to practice modeling, i started just freehand creating a low-poly raven. i’m sure my technique needs work and that my topology is a mess, but i’m hoping i can get some advice on a good way to create the feet, since i’m at kind of a loss as to how to approach this part. i’ve tried a couple times but couldn’t get it to look good (though i only got as far as the first joint of each front toe).

here’s some angles of what i’ve got so far, emphasis on the legs.

feel free to tell me what i should do to clean the model up in general as well. so far i’ve just used extrusion and moving vertices/edges/faces around to get the shape more-or-less okay, but haven’t worried too much about topology and all that. i’m more than happy to get some critique (and i can grab more screenshots if needed).

advice on the wings is also appreciated! ideally i’d like to put them in t-pose 'cause i wanna rig the bird later. not planning on adding a huge amount of feather details so only the shapes of the flight feathers is necessary.

any help is much appreciated! i’m not a total beginner but it’s been ages since i tried this and i’ve forgotten most of what i learned.

I’d model one toe in isolation. Main forms first. Start with a 6 or lower vert ring and extrude frome there. Ctrl r to add loops where needed, then duplicate and arrange in shape of feet and join up and correct proportions.

Kinda like this:

Topology wise I’d push this vert (or even adjust the whole loop) slightly further away from the leg.
Depending how much the area around the legs moves then that face around the leg might collapse on itself. Don’t know much about how birds move though.

To have the feet animate and not lose volume where not intended you should adjust the topology around the joints. Examples:

No clue about wings, as wing folding is complex, but this approach looks decent enough:

The image attached shows my approach, with the use of skin and subdiv modifiers.Skin is followed by subdiv.

thanks for the responses guys! i’ll jump back into this and give your advice a shot once i have the time (won’t have access to my pc this weekend unfortunately).

i might actually have to redo the legs since i think they’re not quite positioned correctly (and i don’t think i did the best job on the thighs in terms of anatomy) but we’ll have to see how that goes when i’m back in town.