Advice on my drum

Hello dudes,

My name is Wesley i’m a graphic designer and beginner to 3d. I present to you a drum i modeled for a personal project. Took me 8 days to modeling this stuff because i had to learn blender first. I want advice about the modeling. I have problem with the upper part because my reference has leather with folding and i do my best to put more details as i can without lots of polygons. I know in high poly modeling you should have quad polygons and i have 2 questions:

The worst: Why should have quads on high poly?
2nd: How can i do that without explode the polygon count.

I have the same problem on the screw

I join few screenshot because i don’t know how to make clay render (with the wire, it’s clay right?) and 2 quick render.

Hope can have critics.

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It is my understanding that quads are necessary because of adding the subsurf modifier.
The subsurf modifier is great for making thing look smooth and it does a great job.
It does this by cutting the faces into smaller faces. When you have quads, things work out nicely, but when you have triangles, it might not be able to subdivide it or it might create to many lines going to the same point. This causes pinches.

To correct this, you need to spend time planning. Faceloops and redirecting edges are two main methods I use to do this effectively. Each model is different and requires unique consideration.

I have worked a little on a screw head made of quads. It’s low quality, but it works.
Johnathan Williamson has a discussion on how to model a screw 16 minutes into the video tutorial here:


At the size you render those screws, there is no need to apply subsurf modifier on them. Just add subsurf to what needs it. Things that usually have a sharp look don’t necessarly need subsurf.
Or if you really badly want to use subsurf on everything, try selecting the edges you want sharp and add a mean crease to it.

I hope this helps :wink:

Keep up the good work! This looks awesome so far :wink:
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@macktruck6666 Oki i understand the principle. i found a way to have quads. i simply delete the edge between 2 triangles. Give me a good quad (i think) and don’t lose forms. For the screw i’m doing to redo it.

@JeannotLandry Thanks man your tips is really awesome i’ll try it now.

Thanks a lot guys.


Retopo of my screw on quad only. Work fine thanks a lot .macktruck6666


You can also use Alt+J to turn triangles into quads.

Looks great by the way.

Oki cool thanks for this tips works fine awesome. Thanks man do my best to make a good job. Try now to unwrap this (i don’t understand anything about this danm. Sleepless night in perspective).

Thanks dude i’m going to try this.


Sorry for the long delay but i try to learn how to texture, what is bump map spec map etc and honestly that’s really cool to do those stuff. SO this is a first wip of my drum. I have to create the texture of the wood because i can’t find it on the web. So did few shot of small part of the model flatten it create large texture with clone tool, hand paiting etc. for the leather i create a mosaic texture, blur it a little and place it in displacement node combine with mix diffure glossy. Metal nothing special read cgcookie’s tutorials. My big problem is the rope. i try to find a way to texture this but i have issue because it’s a Nurbspath with a bevel enable. If you have ideas, i’ll be glad you share it.

Tired going to bed. Soon dudes.

Okay, the leather needs to be beaten up some.

The major consideration with the rope is to make it look like it is made of smaller strands.
Here is what I did on something not to long ago:

The node setup is in an attached image.

Cycles can be a little tricky. The curves have to be converted to a mesh and then unwrapped before you do anything with the materials. When I did my rope, cycles kept on getting stuck on some old vector information and would map the textures wrong.


Thanks man going to try this!

Finally i made the rope texture. Feel so stupid because it was so simple i think right now. Thanks @macktruck6666 for the help was very helpful. I saw some useful tips on blender nerd too help me to understand more about texturing and make safe work seams. Right now going to work more on the texture to make the piece more believable and show it soon i guess. keep it up.



Finally finish my first blender project. Jesus i can’t believe a lightweight program like this can do so much. I have some modeling issues and textures can be better but gave me the end of the week to finish it and that’s it. Going to learn some more about texturing and lighting.

Awesome community i love it.

Soon for a next project dude.