Advice On Syncing Parameter Changes(Color,Location in 3D Space, Scale, etc.) to Audio

Hello everyone,

I produce a lot of electronic music and I’ve been trying to find a great visual aid to my works for Youtube and whatnot. With some practice, I’m sure I can craft some really fun things to watch, but I specifically was wondering what might be the easiest ways/workflow to follow if I want to animate parts of the scene, like the size of a sphere for instance, to change with respect to amplitude of an audio track?

If audio amplitude can’t drive a Blender parameter (i.e. making a Blender parameter’s value analogous to volume of audio), is there at least a way to import an audio track within Blender and have it follow the animation timeline? If I could see the track’s waveform, I could animate changes to the animation to the beat of my songs which would open up a world of opportunities.

Hope I can get some help! Thank’s for any advice!

You can use Bake to Fcurve, look this up in the manual, either with or without Animation Nodes, I have built a MIDI Nodes set for AN, which lets you animate to midi tracks.

Cheers, Clock.