Advice on texturing a realistic mountain

I think this is a great site for Blender artists. So here is my thing; I hace been working form months on a mountain, its a real-existing mountain, I made the mesh with the actual level curves terrain. The mountain has a “grassy” part and a cliff part. Thing is that when I give the model more detail - sculpting- the mesh becomes too heavy (now I work with multi resolution modifier), and if not, it´s low-detalided. I can deal with that. My question, How can I textured the cliff part so that it looks great? The actual texture for the cliff is just too boring, I have tried with texture images from cliffs (doesn’t´t fit well the mesh), with texture painting (can´t find a good scale so that it doesn’t´t look too pixel), and now I´m looking forward to make a procedural rock or cliff texture, but I´m not that expert in blender,… so how would you texture the cliff part form this model so that it looks more detailed?


If I were you, I would check out this tutorial by blender guru Andrew price teaches how to take a real image and turn it into usable textures. Since you’re using this mountain from reality, you could line up the image in your camera view and project the UV mapping from your current view. then just line up the textures

thank you!! I´ll take a look! :slight_smile:

Looks like your specularity is a hair too high. Your water and sky need to be improved as well. Some parts of your mesh don’t need to be high poly. You can select parts of the mesh and subdivide those separately to do High poly areas. As it stands, your render looks a little grainy, you’ll have to tweak it and up the resolution and passes I guess, there are many tutorials on that.