Advice on Texturing Complex Star Destroyer?

Hey all, I haven’t posted in a while.

I’ve been working on this Star Destroyer for quite some time now, and I have begun to think about how I will go about texturing it. My problem is that the goal was to make as visually stunning of a recreation of the ship that I could, and by choice I modeled all of the greebles along the edges and between decks. This creates a tricky situation (and a nightmare) when going to UV unwrap since I would like to create an AO map.

I would love to keep everything on one texture if possible, or use a combination of procedural texturing and manually texture parts that need specific detail. If used in an animation, would the use of multiple textures or a single huge one affect performance more? How would you go about tackling something like this?


Edit: I did not create the TIE Fighter model, credit for that goes to Daniel74 on Blendswap

Make armor plating texture. Use the knife tool to cut various shapes into the ship exterior. Google “Space Ship Exterior Textures” to get some ideas.

Seen this?

That looks really interesting, I may give it a try :slight_smile: