Advice on UV mapping this object, please?

pictured is a model I’m trying to get to appear made of bricks. I am pretty new to UV mapping in Blender, and I’m not sure how to tackle this beast.

The top surface might be bricked, or not, but the outward-facing surfaces will be. I have begun making some knife cuts at the corners because I don’t want the bricks mitre to be visible…where one suface meets the other, at a point. I envision this being re-inforced by steel or iron…hence the knife cuts on one of the “points” of the star.

I’d appreciate advice on how to tackle this job.

Many thanks,


ummm if im understanding the problem, then i would unwrap from view

what I ended up doing was taking 1/5 of that shape, unwrapping it, mapping it to my bricks image map, then doing an array to get the other 4 sides.

compared to other tasks on this scene, that was a breeze!

thank you to those who helped on this question.


good plan :slight_smile: no problem

but what I still do not understand is how you UV map a procedural.

I just don’t get it. Mainly, I don’t understand what you see as you are adjusting things to make sure your procedural lays on your faces as you want them to…very important for things like bricks and tiles which have to match up.


yea dude same, i can only uv map very limited objects, dont feel alone lmao XD

so you mean you do it blind? you can’t see the texture in relation to the faces you’re mapping it to?

oh, the humanity!!

o you mean when you uv map your mesh, you cant see the texture on it???


how DO you see it against faces to see what you are doing?

i think i know exactly whats wrong, do you know how to switch between solid, shaded, and textured? lets hope you dont cause thats my last guess XD

What’s the point of UV mapping a procedural? I mean procedurals are evenly spread textures, everywhere the same, right? if you can’t see the texture in the viewport, just press N and under display choose GLSL for shading. You need to enter textured display mode too (drop down menu on your header).

the point would be in the case of bricks or tiles. bricks are oriented a certain way in the real world, as are tiles. they also often need to match up where two faces meet each other.