Advice regarding project


I am newbie in this stuff since you have been in this field for a long time i thought you could guide me.

My project is finding wear of an object using its x-ray.I have cad model of the object and i have the x-ray which is obtained clinically.I have to find the exact pose of the cad model which matches with the x-ray and find the difference between the x-ray i obtain using the cad model and clinical model.

I need a x-ray simulator for my research which i was planning to do using an opengl program with cad model in form of .obj format and ray trace it and project the result in form of x-ray.But inorder to match with the clinical x-ray I need to rotate and translate the object i have but as you might be knowing .obj wont allow me to have any animation.

so next step was chosing a file format suitable for my work and i have come across .3ds format i thought this would be appropriate for me.So all i need to do is introduce a .3ds file loader and continue the raytracing as i have planned to do with the .obj file.

Since i am new to this i dont know if my thinking is right.Could you please tell me if i am right in my thinking if i am not right could you tell me what approach would be better for me?

Thank you for your time

What speak english lol…you doesn’t seem to be such a newbie to me:no:
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I think you may want to ask someone at a 3DS Max forum. This is a Blender forum.

The manipulation of the cad model and the raytracing can all be done in blender. You could a light projection setup with the help of nodes to get the profiles of the xrays, or a UV projection. If you need better xray profiles you can use a boolean modifier to split the model. All of these can be rendered to any of the supported formats in the render buttons to either movie or sequences, or exported as models with .obj and rendered seperately. if you need it in a special cad format.

Thank you … i have absolutely no clue how blender works… could you give me some guideline as to how to start ??

Hi samantha. Blender Wiki is the best place to start. Look at
lamp types
shadeless Material
UV projection modifier
boolean modifier
cutplane script

Then you’ll have to look at the render engine and how to use
render Nodes

Any questions you have about those subjects you can ask in the support forums. As to how long it will take you? I have no idea as I don’t know how much you know.