Advice Requested on how to improve this object.

Hey Guys,

Just got a basic render of my object posted here :-

If you could have a quick look and advise me or give me instructions on how to imrove the look or feel of it. For you that dont know this is the Yamaha Tuning Fork Logo I was thinking of making the forks either white or metalic silver maybe with a texture on it or some metal material. The background I wanted to be blue or a metalic blue with specks in but i dont know. Im not able to get it past this point now without some help. Not sure what would look GOOD or how to do it if i did :confused:

Can anone help me with this ? I want it to look COOL :cool:

well your question is too generic, so any comment would be a simple personal view. Since you are a beginner, I would suggest to add some Spot lights and create some shadows using buffer shadows. Add a least two lights with different Energy level. Activate AO ( ambient occlusion ). Play with all of these and you will get a much better appealing on your composition. As it is now, there is no depth, no shadows and no reflections. It seems you used a simple hemi light for your composition.

Errrrr ok How do i do all of that ?

My friend what I suggested are simple steps. If you have no clue how to add lights to your scene, neither what type of lights does blender provide, then I recommend you to start a tutorial and learn more about the basic functions of blender. Writing here what is already written somewhere is an inefficient way to share the knowledge. Go to scroll down to the links on the bottom of the page and click on tutorials. If you follow the order of the chapters you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot in no time.