Advice rigging a plane mesh into a box (wrapping paper)


Im new to blender, im currently trying to rigg a flat plane into a box, which will eventually be the wrapping and unwrapping over a gift.

I am having some troubles with my bones and am hoping if someone might be able to offer some advice as to where I am going wrong or how I might better go about doing this.

My armature setup.

In pose mode the bottom fold has worked fine and as I would expect. The top seems to be pulling back and doesn’t behave like the bottom.

Here is my blend file. Would really appreciate any help on this as ive been stuck on this for quite some time, rebuilding my armature and vertex groups just incase I made a mistake.

fold1.blend (455 KB)


Thanks vklidu,

I did come across this when searching the forum. Just tried it it in 2.63 and it doesn’t appear to be working unfortunately.

Addon “Convert Mesh to Armature” works in version 2.62 (there is not update since Bmesh was included). Wiki
It would be great have this addon working in a last builds, Bmesh can solve problems of generated bones from F-gon faces. In case of your mesh I had to adjust manually parenting of a few bones. But it is still useful.

  • script automaticly creates armature
    (set seams for edges you want to stop hierarchy of bones tree and select face you want to use for root bone)
    -bones are placed on mathematically exacts position
    (that’s important, because small inaccurancy produce twisting)
  • rotation of bones is locked, only axis of edge is allowed

DOWNLOAD blend file

Note to your file: I have very low rigging knowledge, so others maybe will know better, but . . .

  • let the bones “grow” as a tree, one main as root is always useful
  • assign bone to a face - you need assign whole face (all vertices of a face), not only end vertecies
  • to solve your problem (partly) you will need a few bones more (see blend)

Anyway, create realistic paper unwrap is a big challenge :slight_smile:
Good luck

That is awesome, thank you very much. Will give it a burn and let you know how I get on :slight_smile:

Quite nice result with few modifiers.

For more realistic result you will need more faces specially on edges because of paper thickess. Also rigging is too simple for this needs, or you can achive better result with shape keys.

I also had played around some more modifiers similar to you using the bevel and subsurf :slight_smile:

Keys wasn’t really an option as this object and animation needs to be exported into Unity for an application we are making.

No answers but here is my thought on it.

Actually real paper folding is complex stuff. You can’t simulate fording action with simple mesh geometries. The problem comes in when you start to fold the end inward. Paper starts to “bend” as folding crease is made. You can’t “bend” simple quad you know. Here is my test so far:

I experimented with adding bunch of tri mesh along the edge where paper fold. That way I can make that curved edge. I was hoping tri mesh would stay rigid so that edge will not stretched as it is pulled.

Wrong! Tri mesh can stretch like crazy just like quads. Good grief! I thought I was on to some thing where tri mesh can be used for more rigid object.

Edit: Edge crease on problematic corner edges from 0 to 0.3 quite nicely solved that part.
Small changes on animation. Simple texturing. Test with wrinkeled paper and wrapping paper.

I just like simple things, that is why I’m playing with low poly and trying to use only modifier that is easy to get back.
For more accurate … You know …
Maybe a bit of soft body or cloth modifier can be interesting . . .

I have zero experiences with Unity … Sorry

Example (quickly resaved in 2.8x)
Wrapping box_lightversion.blend (159.0 KB)


vklidu that looks really good. nice work :slight_smile:

Sorry for bringing up an old post. I was looking at solutions of folding a plane around objects, and this file would be really helpful to me. Any chance you could upload it again?

Hm… Provider stopped the service, I stored all files for this site there, so there wasn’t chance I could relink all of them. So, they are gone. Tommorow i can try to check one old disk, if not there you can try from scratch. Doesn’t seems to be so hard to reproduce. Probably :slight_smile:

For a begginer the folding has some difficulties :smiley: but if its gone, its gone.
Thanks anyway!

OK found it, if it’s still actual for you.
Quite old file (seems to work in 2.8x), but I recommend to append needed objects into a new blend file.
Updated link attached under post with video.

Thank you very much!

So cool…!