Advice working with Blender and Lightwave 3d

I currently own/run a DVD authoring company. I use the standard Photoshop, DVD studio Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro 3 combo. I been in and out of Blender 3D, one of my customers notice us playing with Pov-Ray and now they want 3D stuff in their DVD Menu. Cool option, so I decided to use Blender as my 3D front man. Also I’m purchasing Lightwave 3D for other work. Being that Lightwave will be only on one machine and Blender on everything we own. Most of our work will be on other machines running Blender 3D. Hopefully if need be finishing heavy/hardcore projects can be done on Lightwave 3D.
Do any of you artist have advice on a lightwave/Blender work? Pitfalls, Pluses, which app is best for Modeling and which one for Rendering, raytracing, animation. Any secret tricks of working with Lightwave 3D and Blender 3D?
Thanks for your time and Response!!!

From what I’ve heard, Many people use Blender for general modeling and export to apps like LightWave to do raytrace rendering. Blender uses only a scanline renderer.

One thing to remember while modeling in both of the programs is to always bevel, here is a link to a thread that explains it more. I work for a production company and I model in lightwave all day so I know a good bit about it, so if you have any specific questions feel free to PM me and I will try to answer them the best I can. oh, I don’t texture or animate in Lightwave because thats the animators and texture artists job, but I may be able to help a little bit on those questions. Good Luck!!

Basically doing Modeling in Blender and rendering in Lightwave is a cool way of handling it. What about animation? can I do animation work in Blender then export to lightwave? for final touches and Rendering?

Liubomir Kovatchev’s website had a motion exporter for converting blender animation to 3ds max & lightwave, according to his web page.

regretably, I never tried the script & don’t have his URL or cannot find it. Maybe someone else does.

It would be great if you can keep us up to date on the results of the “production pipleline”. I can see where production companies would love blender 'cuz they can put as many copies as they want on a wide range of platforms, and employees can have it at home.

We opt for Blender because of the amount of machines we landed (SGI octanes, o2, indigos, intel, sun boxes and one PowerMac). Plus Blender Kick Butt!! Also we are still Broke, lack of $$. Even the cash I do get can only really be used on one machine, i.e. Lightwave 3D. With so many OS Platforms Blender is the best choice, and real good one too. And the days of borrowed software are long gone once you get a tax ID. Lucky my final software purchase is Lightwave 3D. Better than dishing out $$ for Maya 4.5.
We also moving towards short films (DV style). Figure Blender will be cool to use to plug in objects that weren’t there during the shoot like a table, car or box of cereal.
Doing DVD Authoring open crazy doors. Its a perfect way to blend DV, 3D, Editing, Effects and compositing into one media.
I will keep you guys posted and hopefully will be able to post some DVD Menus created in Blender!!!

I wished LightWave wasn’t so damn expensive in Sweden…I could buy it haöf the price in US :frowning:

but I will never leave Blender :slight_smile:

anyone got a great tip to buy LW ?

@ztonzy - it’s a lot cheaper if you are a teacher or a student (or know a student :wink:

I am using LW now but still dabble in Blender from time to time.


sorry, I am neither :frowning:

try ebay. The cool thing about LW is you can transfere the license.

Lightwave is just a more developed program with a ton of features that blender doesn’t have. I don’t know that I’d ever model in blender and then go into LW. The modeling is so much better in LW. I still use wings for the majority of my modeling even when using LW. The rendering capabilities out of the box are why I’m moving most of my 3D work to lightwave. A great renderer that is also quite fast.

Lightwave does have a sweet renderer and modeler. But I really hate layout. :frowning: