Advice: Zones/Scenes

Hey everyone. I was wondering what’s the best way to go about making zones in a game. I’m thinking like in Skyrim how it’s a big open world then when you go into a certain place it loads you into a new area. I know you can do this with changing scenes but I want to make it so that the player, as well as enemies/friendly AI can go through them whenever they want, and keep all their properties set earlier. I’m pretty sure this can be done using globalDict stuff or just saving/loading but I don’t really want to have to save/load every time the player or AI moves into a new zone. Unless that’s the only way to do it, which would explain Skyrim’s autosaves. Or can I just have one big open world and not worry about having zones and just use some kind of LOD stuff?


You could use hidden layers to store a bunch of areas, and spawn them in when the player enters a new one, while ending the area when the player leaves.

Ok thanks that could work