Advices and tips for human figure

Hallo members.
I have modeled a girlfri-uh, a model, a female model, for animation. Nothing particular, just polishing my skills on a lot of aspects.
Click on the images for the big thing.

Isn’t she hot uh?. Of course not. Not only moderately inaccurate but also artificial, a 3D model for god sake.
Well, the thing is the animation itself, when i move a bone around the shoulder, knees, or other joints of the body. I was expecting this to happen, i even noticed this same defect in professional/comercial games out there.

Anyway, the thing is to find out ways not to totally overcome, but at least correct a litlle these deformations in the mesh when animating.
Would it be useful to model the human body actually following the real muscular pattern of the human body?, just like when you attempt to respect facial musculature when modelating faces.

Could it be that you just must avoid rotating the bones in such closed angles?-that would be a hard limitation on some animations.

Here are the ussual panels involved. Well, the ones i worked with.
And my girlfr-eh, my model’s skelleton, armature, whatever.
Ok, thathathatsall folks.