The setup is awkward. Nobody wants to sit on a table with flowers stuck in their nose :smile:

I was hoping for constructive critics on subject of what to improve technically but whatever if that’s it

He is just making a joke.

Looks like an artistic style is the goal. With that in mind: I like the colors. The arrangement and relative scale of the items gives interest and intrigue.

The non-realistic, semi-real, textures are appropriate except the designs on the tea pot, cup, and bowl. Those are too detailed and realistic to fit with the rest of the image. Simpler textures more like traditional painting, like the chair and flowers, are needed for this image.

The background is appropriate to imply a window or outdoor setting with dof with art rather that photographic clarity. However it needs something. I don’t know what though. Maybe the bumpy glass look conflicts with the rest of it? A hint of window frame? Smoother blur?

The geometric shapes for the flowers are good for this look. Abstract simple symbolic shapes. Not too much detail.

There is open space on the right side of the image. Either crop it to remove that or spread the objects out to fill the visible table space. Also don’t show the edge of the table top on the right.

If your intent is realism I’ll leave that advice to others.

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Thank you!

Nice concept: mixing lowpoly and high poly. interesting challenge. It seems to me tho that you want to hide that: Both the flowers and the brown stuff (sugar?) lie in the shadows. I’m interested to see how it looks with more light on these.

I like the modeling on the central objects: the flowers are beatiful, the dishes are classic.
The browns stuff needs some more sharper edges, if it should represent lumps of candis sugar.
You can try insetting the middle middle bars of the chair to give it some depth.

Regarding the window BG and the composition I confirm with @Splododyne .

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I apologise if I offended you. That was not my intention. Nevertheless, I still think the setup needs “air”. Now everything is sitting on one corner of the table.

The seams on the table need to match, or it breaks the idea that it’s actual pieces of wood.

The chair back is unrealistic - it looks like it’s carved from one huge solid piece of wood which is really rare. Many wooden objects are made out of standard-sized pieces of wood, because custom pieces are more expensive.

It looks like right now you are trying to simulate depth of field with a blurred hdri background, have you tried real physically accurate dof yet? It might help with the realism.

It’s a really cool little scene.
The frosted glass makes me wonder what’s behind it (in a good way). I can imagine some kind of sun room or conservatory out there.
There are some things which need improvement, but others have covered it.