advise for my model
Well this is the face i wanna model, but i wanna ask for advise how to model it, so it will look better. can someone give a bit of adive for my first modeling attempt??
greetzz emo

the picture doesnt work so here is the link

Well, his head looks a bit squarish, so start with a cube. There’s a thread in ‘General’ forum that describes some modelling techniques, entitled ‘modelling techniques and strategies’. It’s on the second page at the moment if I’m not mistaken. So have a look at that, and try some loop cutting on him.

other than that, I suggest you look at TorQ’s head (face?) modeling tut thread somewhere around here

well torq had found away to find edges or something but i dont understand how it works, can somebody explain it wil make it really easy to modeljavascript:emoticon(’:D’)