advise for the intoxicated and the recovering.

There is none. But you can recover.

Rule #1 drink lot of water before you go drinking, if you are pee-ing every 15 minuets it is time to get down! Even if you are doing whiskey straightshots , If you drink 8 to 16 ounces of water between shots.
This will help you not to turn into a poisoned troll while drinking. It will also help you flush out all the booze.

Eat a decent meal containing potassium (potatoes, yams, rice, etc) before and after you drink. Dont forget the water. Unless you are making a pee every 15 minuets you are dehydrating yourself.

Rule# 3
See rule #1 and #2

How to recover:

Water, especially if you feel nausea! Just try to keep the water down. Start slamming 8 ounces every half hour.

Then try food that does not cause your stomach acidic .This includes most breads, and Bananas, Go for the soda (real soda crackers, Baking soda and water, or a smothee in your blender. use cooked yams, or sweet potatoes rather than banannas, do a baking soda mixture as listed on the box, and slam the smoothie.) Add a raw egg to the smothee , and it seems to fix you up faster.

Eat ginger, peel a American quarter sized piece of ginger about an inch long. it and slice it into thin coins you you can chew it, and chase it with water so it does not burn your mouth. This will fix most stomach problems and allow you to eat again. (you may feel discomfort fo up to 10 minuets, but after it is over your stomache is A.OK)

DO NOT PUKE. If you are coherent enough to walk, or stumble you do not need to empty your stomach.Drink some water and sit down, and wait. in about 10 moments you will not feel like pukeing. If after the 10 moment period go ahead and “punch your cookies” Yougurt , and water are your only friends now. Only puke if you are lying on your side, and ingested way, way, way too much alcohol , or you ate some pills that are giving you the “spins”
Then Water , water, water!

well, as you can see, water is the key.
Or just dont drink at all and you can avoid all the bullsh!t.

I Drink sometimes, please excuse my hypocrisy , If I could only follow the rules I write, i would be a happy man now.

Rule #4: Don’t edit your signature while practicing Rule #s 1-3…

Your advice came a day too late. :smiley:

I dont drink booze. Except at juggling conventions. And even then i like to keep a clear head. Oh and this is my first of many posts on this brilliant forum. :slight_smile:

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I was practicing my novel writing skills :smiley:

just get a bottle of this and drink lots

Why fill your body with toxic and poision to begin with? So you dare to have sex haha…:eyebrowlift2:

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Please just try to clean up your mind a little, you already did the first step, admitting the state of your mind.:eyebrowlift:

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