Advise on a human male model to be used as player avaitor

I am looking for advise on the width of the avaitor model. I can make it less wide, but would that be correct for the human body proportions? I’ve compared this model to the aviator model found in a game called Mabinogi. The mabinogi avaitor is not as wide as my model. How ever my enourch model that I use for male human anatomy shows it being good. Should I make it less wide. I still have to model cloths over top of it.

That’s a good start, I would find some generic anatomy reference and start to improve proportions based on that before going ahead with any further detailing.

To get a good sense of the head, find a free skull model online and match that up against your frame and see where you’re going wrong, there’s a lot to be improved here but you’ve already started so good job and keep it up!