advise requested

I want to create a house on animation quality (think: shrek).
Notice: so it won’t be fotorealistic!

This is what i got already. Anyone advice on how to do 'background grass. Cause
I already have 5 times a plane with 100 000 static particles. :spin:

The whole thing is still realy in WIP state; all details!

Comp main specs:

AMD X2 6000+
2 x 2 gig ram
Nvidia 8800GT (not OC)
M2N- E SLI motherboard


As you can see, i have some distortion in the big image.
Some diagonal lines are the problem. Why is that? I always see that when render at full!

Problem solved

What do you mean with background grass? More grassy hills beyond the house?

what do you think? :cool:
I’m still a very beginner, so please explain it in common blender english :cool::cool:

I like it! How about a path from the door?

yeah, i need something like that :cool: but how do i do that? do i have to cut the shape of the path from the ‘grass-plane’ and replace the material. Or is there another way. If my grass was a texture then i might have done it with some mapping. :confused:

I would arrange the light to show the house a little better but it looks like you have obtained the look you were going for here.

Looks like a nice start.

One thing that detracts a slight bit of believability to the image for me is the scale of the grass compared to the brick size on your texture, it makes the house look very under-size. I would also add something to cover the grass directly surrounding the house. In my experience, very few brick houses seem to have front doors that open directly onto grass, most front doors open inwards also. I’m just nitpicking really, it’s a nice looking image. Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

Update on textures / model.

I also have a guestion: my render looks fine; but when i save it as png/jpg it seems to desaturate. I’ve fixed it with photoshop, but does anyone know how to fix that? :eek:

you can easily solve the grass problem with the new version of blender. it’s not linked directly on the download page, but if you look in some of the archived news, you can get the version that’s going to be released with the Peach project (version 2.46). it has a new particle renderer that’s virtually limitless, depending on your RAM and processor. in older versions, you were limited to the 100,000 particles, but now you can add children to them as well (i don’t think you could do that before, but i could be wrong).

for the far background, you could probably get away with just finding a grass texture map somewhere, and mapping it to a mountain-shaped object, as it would be too far away to really tell if it were particles or not. and a few clouds always helps make it look nice.

for the path through the grass, you should use vertex groups and weight paints to tell the grass where and where not to be.

as paulsgruff mentioned, you typically don’t see bricks starting directly from the grass. you might add a concrete foundation about a foot above the ground, then start the brick up from that. that would also allow you to put in some steps or a porch in front of / below the door.

i think the clothesline should sag in the middle. i noticed you added a rock, you could probably add a few trees here and there too.

looking nice so far, though.

You could try to let the grass point upwards a bit more, because it seems to me that it’s slightly too normal - orientated right now. Grass grows upwards, to the sun. That’s the only thing that seems a little off to me. But overall, nice quality!

i hope you don’t mind; i took the liberty and brought your image into photoshop to illustrate the ideas i had mentioned above.