advise some good tutorials?

hey, i was reading the manual for 2.6 but the section on actuators was underwhelming, the f-curve is mentioned even though its deprecated, the action actuator isn’t there, and it doesn’t go into detail. Please recommend some good tutorials on the actuators for 2.62 and 2.63, so i can progress swiftly : )
in the meantime i shall look up a good tutorial on the ray sensor because im not entirely sure of it.
Help is appreciated : )

p.s what sound formats does the bge support?

As far as i have tried .wav…

There are a lot of good resources in the Game Engine Resources forum.

You can find my tutorials in my signature.

Thanks Goran, i have followed a few of your tutorials and they are very good. However, im looking for a complete overview of every actuator, i guess the best thing to do is just experiment though : )