AE Exporter and Trapcode Lux

I’ve modeled a skeletal interior of a building with three rows of lights along the path as the camera pulls back. The light bulb is a simple “Emission” material. I placed empties the bulbs and I exported them along with the camera and floor using Bartek’s After Effects Exporter built in to Blender.

It creates the associated null objects and solids without a problem, but they’re out of position for some reason. When I place an After Effects light at the position of a null and add Trapcode Lux to it (for volumetric light effect), it’s noticeably out of place and ruins the effect.

Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Hard to say w/o seeing a render of it, but it’s not just something simple as mismatching camera settings? You are using the AE 3D space, right?

yeah, the nulls created by the export script are already arranged in 3D space in a grid just as the lights in the render are.

I attached a screenshot of what I’m seeing in AE. That Spotlight is in the same spot as lamp_empty_AE which is the right-most light on the right towards the background. As you can see, they’re not even close to lining up.

I checked the camera settings and the focal length and sensor size are the same.

Whoops, here’s one you can actually see.

I wonder if the AE exporter was updated when the API changed? There was a change in the object matrix which is how exporters calculate where objects are located in the scene.

Are you using 2.6.3?

If your scene is portable enough to go back a couple of versions try running the AE exporter in 2.6 or 2.5.

Well, a simple solution is to just scrap trying to match it and basically 2D track it in AE, as the three lights are the same depth, you can easily track position/size(or in this case width as size) or even do it manually if it’s a simple motion… Though that’s also dependent if you’re using a depth matte for compositing or not, if so I get you want the lights at the right depth in the scene…

But otherwise it’s hard to say what’s wrong, render size/scene sice is the same, cam settings the same, that I don’t know why it doesn’t match up. It should. Though I actually never done this in Blender to AE, only 3DS and Maya to AE (and Nuke)…

Edit: Atom might be right, maybe it’s as simple as it being a bug.

Aah… Did you match framerates, hehe?

Edit: Fast test… :slight_smile: (watch on YT for HD)

And I left out I first copied the empty (null) position to the light and then of course parented it to the null.

But OMG (!!!) how bad my english has become… I actually used to live in the UK, many years ago now, though (mid '90s), but I couldn’t even imagine that my english would fall to this horrible level, oh, I am sooo ashamed, hehe… ;D

Farmfield, sorry, can’t view that YouTube video–it’s marked “private”. Don’t worry, I’m sure your English is vastly superior to any of the bits and pieces of foreign languages I know!

Atom, you were right. It’s a bug in 2.63’s exporter. I downloaded 2.61 and exported the script and it worked perfectly. So…who do I report this to…?

It’s private but the direct link should have worked. Marked it open now so check it out - and it’s not 2.6.3 as I run 2.6.3… Though I run the buildbot builds, perhaps it’s a bug which is once again fixed, who knows. It just worked for me anyway, as the clip shows (now when it works, hehe). :slight_smile:

What build are you using? I’m using Win64 2.63.3 r46211

I’m running blender-2.63-r46374-mingw64, the daily build of the buildbot… I don’t use Blender for production, I’m still in Maya until at least this fall, so I can afford running daily builds. Though for the moment they seem pretty stable… :slight_smile:

Also, it’s well worth using the MinGW builds, they are noticeable faster. :slight_smile:

I finally got to watch the video!

OK, so you added an object, then an empty, then exported it. Then you imported your footage into AE, ran the script, and dropped your footage inside the BlendComp and it all married up OK? You didn’t have to tweak anything?

I tried it with last night’s MinGW build (thanks for that BuildBot link, BTW) and the same issue is happening, but I’m getting convinced there are AE issues that I’m going to have to contend with. For example, I rendered out a test 1 second animation at 24fps, but AE only saw it as 21 frames and it was created the BlendComp at a 30fps setting. So…yeah, strange things are afoot with AE, I guess.

Added a sphere & an empty on 0,0,0 in Blender and exported it using the AE exporter + rendered the scene in [email protected] Opened the image sequence in AE and created a comp with [email protected], imported the scene data with the script, created a light, copied the position data from the empty/null and pasted it to the light, created a solid & applied Lux.

Worked as a charm. :slight_smile: (accept for my english which is broken and need to be recompiled)

That’s exactly the workflow I used…

It’s gotta be something in AE that I’m screwing up.

Just an FYI, the matrix bug will not reveal itself with objects placed at world origin. The problem is when objects are not located at 0,0,0. But that is a nice work around.


LOL, so my proof it worked was based on a false premise? Man, sometimes it feels like I’m based on a false premise… ;D

Gotta try it again then… But not tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will applying the location to each object make a difference?

In Blender? I doubt it but try, you got nothing to loose. :slight_smile: