Aegis ships

It’s been ages since I posted, I don’t even recognize most ppl anymore :slight_smile:
I’m going back to how I started using blender, ships! This is my first try at modelling a Ticonderoga-class cruiser and second attempt at a AB Destroyer(very early wip!)…any C&C welcome!


I’m not sure how detailed you want them in the end. The the underwater line hulls don’t look right considering the difference in size of these 2 ships. But then i’m basing this of the assumption that the bulb scales with a non linear relationship to length/speed/displacement of the hull.

Otherwise thay are looking nice.

I’m not really sure what you mean about the hull lines?:confused: If it’s because the sonar area looks odd, it’s because the destroyer(right) was my “test” version…I can always change that…also note that I don’t have cross sections of the hull(unlike my battleships)…I’ll update soon.

Time flies…I’ve been off and on with this model but I’m getting there! This Cruiser is now based on the USS Anzio(the one I visited during Fleet Week).


Nice ship!
Even nicer name :smiley:

Thanks! I think you’re the only one who liked it! lol

wow, nice detail.
do you plan to texture it?

It’s been more than a month…I added more details including the ciws, antenaes(?) and more…I will probably texture just the hull and superstructure, and the helipad…the rest just color maps