- Aengrod - Sci - Fi Buildings

First of all, the new focused critiques forum is a great idea…but this time I’m not going to use it. I’ve spent ages on this work and for now it is finished. I got some very useful tipps and comments already and I know that it’s far from being perfect but at the moment I don’t want to see it anymore, therefore, you don’t need to go too much into detail while commenting and giving critiques…and so there’s no point to post it in the new forum.


On DA you can also find a few details about the process of making this and the “story” I invented for this.
Please tell me what you think about my new project and don’t hesitate to give me tipps for my upcoming works!
Thanks in advance!

Wow, this is just fantastic! :o

I can easily tell that a LOT of time went into this. :smiley:

Wow! you sure didn’t run out of ideas for different details!

Though i don’t really agree with your image title being in the center and so small at the same time… i’d say, either big and centered, or small and in some corner or along an edge of the image.

Then the fog somehow also disturbes me a bit… though i don’t really know why. perhaps it’s too blue for me, or it it because it seems to be horizontal fow and vertical fog (based on the view) at the same time.

And then the spaceships or whatever don’t seem to be in movement… some motion blur or glowing (exhaust-) trails would have been cool.

and the stars seem a bit too regular, too. and you can see too many of them at horizon level. (i think there should be more stars visible the further you look up, if your planet has an atmosphere)

But no worries… it really is very good as it is now. The (glowing) details and those few bright lights really do it! I’d just see what the others say to the tilte, as that is easily tweaked.

This is very good.

The only problem and it is a minor problem, is that I find it difficult to get a sense of scale.

I think this is pretty good, and looks like u spent a long time on, I saw ur other work (machina) which i s also good. I think this render has alot of detail, but the runway semms empty :wink:

One helluvo WOW!

Yeah, pretty sweet!

Pros: Many details, interesting design (a cross between Machine City from The Matrix and terran architecture in Starcraft), numerous glowing lights and fog is neat (though the blue hue strikes me as unusual but cool nonetheless)

Cons: Scene has a feeling of emptiness around the title. I would have liked to see some more buildings jutting out of the azure haze. The title itself is also hard to read without squinting. Next time try it at the bottom of the image (did you put it in the center to avoid people stealing your work?). As mentiioned before, the planes seem to be stuck in place. Mainly though I think there are some issues with the sense of scale. Like in the main tower on the right (which is the best part of the image, IMO) you have this wide path that looks like it could hold several vehicles side by side, but then the “submarine portal” style “door” makes it look like a walkway for a human. The background stars are also a bit out of place. I think a skymap would have been better. I wonder if you tried rendering with AO? ALso, it’s hard to determine, but is there a focal point in your image?

Well nevertheless, overall I still liked the image. And it’s good work too just a month!


Absolutely amazing. I’m totally blown away by this piece. And I don’t know about you, or about anyone else who looked at it, but the small title in the centre makes perfect sense for me: are you printing this up into a poster? It would be perfect. I’d buy it. :slight_smile:

:o waauw! that mist is making it look so, so cool!!

Great piece.

I agree about the planes and also what Artistotle mentioned about the scale. It really seems off with the size of the planes and then when you look at the door to the right, it seems like it is huge in comparison. Some added epth to the image would likely help that.


Hi men, That is a good job!

Thanks a lot for the nice comments, I’m very glad that even though it is not perfect, it is still not bad and that most of you like it :smiley:

Aristotle, I especially appreciate your in - depth comment. You’ve got some points that I have seen myself already. However, the scale problem was not that obvious to me, thanks for making that one clear.
The reason for putting the title in the middle of the image is simple - I have tried several other placements but the one in the middle seemed to be the best. I have kept the typo small so that it won’t be too distracting. But if someone actually wants to “steal” this (which I doubt), then the typo wouldn’t be a big problem, I guess…

And I’ll definitely use all of your tipps in the future, so if you still think you can add something, please do so ^^

One of the best I’ve seen this year, Keep up the good work.

HOLY…! :o :o :o :o :o