Aerinsus 1 (Space ship)


Hey, nice modeling. The model looks very clean, that’s good!

you could make more details on the guns.

And ofcourse texture it, maybe add some flames coming out of the exhaust(spell?)

Speaking of the exhaust, i’ve noticed the nodes that controll the direction of the jet, these should be conected (so they can function properly)

Very detailed - how long have you been at blender? :slight_smile:

Actually, only about a month.

Stefce: The flaps on the engine nozzles are connected by hinges in the inside.

But if they are controlling the direction of the jet, then they cannot work the way you’ve made them. What i meant was there aren’t suposed to be any gaps between them, because the jet (as a fluid) would disperse through them, thus they won’t be able to controll it.
I must say for a month user, your model is very good. Did you had an experience with 3D before?

Yes, I’ll fix it, and No, Blender is the only 3d program I’ve ever used.

That’s incredible man. One month?

Yeah… Here’s an update:

I still haven’t added detail to the guns, but I’m getting to that.

(Edit) And here is another update:

And with color…


I’ve added a star field also.

yeah, now it looks great!
now you could add something artistic to the scene like a close up of a planet, or make the cabine windows reflective or even tiny LEDs on the surface. and make the jet longer like it’s really speeding up.

Nice, especially for a new Blender user. I’ve been using Blender for a lot longer, and I’m still really bad at texturing and original modeling!

I do have a tip for you about starfields; you can adjust the distance between stars, star size, and distance from camera to get a more realistic starfield. Just clicking “Stars” is not really enough…


I knew that. I’d all ready tweaked them, and I wasn’t having much luck making it look any better.

:o ONE MONTH WITH BLENDER??!! Were you using all that time to make the model, or do you have WAY to much freetime? Or are you just good?

Or the possibility that it’s a model someone else made, or you have help from others…


No, I wans’t using all that time to make this model. I have lots of free time, yes.

That isn’t up to me to decide. :expressionless:

I had no help modeling or texturing this. Honest.

nice job, good imagination and patience i might add…i’m in the same boat…well two months…but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice model, welcome to blender.

Looks like a super beefed up version of the player ship in descent.