Aerobatic Airplane Animation

Hey everyone :eyebrowlift:
I began to work on Blender 3 months earlier, and here is an animation which includes all that i learnt since.
For the smoke system, i use a particule system, same for the grass.
I used Blender 2.79 and illustrator for the plane’s textures.
Rendered with Cycles (52 hours) with a GTX 1070.

-Modeling the plane:

As it is about my first real work on Blender, every criticism is welcome
Thanks for watching!

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The fact that this has been ignored is frankly insane.

It’s fantastic work in it’s own right, but even more impressive given how long you’ve been using Blender. Great stuff.

It’s so good that unless I see this animation without video clip or some screenshots directly from Blender viewport I will not believe it’s real. Nice model of a plane, but such a realistic smoke (that’s blown away by wind?!), environment? It’s not real (unless you proove it is).

PS It’s your first post here therefore I have my doubts!

Thanks you Optikz and mookie3D.

I began this summer on Cinema 4D and i passed on Blender soon after. But my scene contains many problems in particular on its optimization. Yes, i used only a HDRI for the background. In addition, the trees are not animate (too much resources). So, it’s looks fake.
The particles blown away by the propeller of the plane, and the wind of course!