Aerotech(BattleTech) Fighter Battle Movie

I decided on a learning project for myself. I’ve already started work. (Those of you who know anything about BattleTech) I’ve started and got the base poly’s for a Corsair aerofighter. (I’ll upload a picture if I ever find a place to do so) By the end I plan on haveing a low flying battle involveing Transgressors, Rievers, Slayers, Sparrowhawks, Mechbusters, Cheetahs, Lucifers, Sholagars, Transits, and the Corsairs. (Maybe a mech or two if I find the time to model them…) It should be interesting. If anyone has tips as to wrong turns to avoid or little tid bits, i’m very welcome to them.

wow a new project starting here on elysiun! I wish you all the luck!! and then choose the link “FORUM” in the left menu.

They are freak of battletech so maybe in the general discussion you can ask for help.

If I didn’t have a project already started…I would certainly help you but well…I don’t haev time too…I hope lots of person will help you! bye! :wink:

i am maybe interesting by your project.
my msn is Logik_Guy2 on hotmail
I will write you soon and i will send you some pictures i do