aesthetic prosthetic nose

These is a screen Cast of the modelling test i made for a Paper of Portuguese Blender Conference "blenderPT" in Oporto.

I am working on aesthetic prosthetic, some time ago, i used proprietary software like : 3dMatic and Mimics, but these software dint make all the modelling i need then i started to use blender on the institute i worked “INEGI”.
I don’t cut the failures because when we model we all know that is a process and we all can learn in the process.


Final Project Report / Dissertation of MIEM
“Desenvolvimento do processo de fabrico de próteses humanas
em silicone para substituição de órgãos em tecidos moles”
from: Nuno Emanuel Ferreira Leal
in: Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Creating a Craniofacial Prosthesis with InVesalius and Blender – Criando uma Prótese Craniofacial
from: Cicero Moraes