Aetherius Obstructio (Ethereal Obstruction)

This was my entry in the recent Surreal NVArt contest over at CGSociety.

Software Used:
Blender 2.48a (3D Modeling, Texturing, Rendering)
GIMP 2.4.2 (Compositing, Color Correction)
Corel Painter X (Fake Brush Strokes)

Click Image for the Full View (2560x1600)

Here’s a link to some close up shots and a raw render… hope you like.


Very nice! It reminds me from a Dutch artist, called M.C. Escher.
I really love the painted effect!

This is a render without material…

Incredible, I could swear that background is painted. insane dude, this is awesome. I’m diggin the blueberry sea by the way. So the dog and goose were post production?

Thats awesome. FIVE STARS! :smiley:

Yeah… the animals, flowers, and a couple other items were painted in post production… everything else was modeled, textured, materialed (is that a word?), and rendered in Blender.

After hand-painting the few items, I applied Corel Painter X’s Smart-Stroke technology to smear the entire render to give it a “painted” look.

If you want to see a full size version before post production and WITHOUT the hand-painted effect, click this >>>

lol thats insane. surrealism to the max
i like the whole cloud-upside down tree thing you’ve got going there

Makes me think of how the “Gods” might see the world.

Really good work.

ooooo ok I feel ya. I’m makin it my new background :smiley:

That is quite nice. It reminds me of the works of Bosch, Breugal, and Remedios Varo.

This makes a surprisingly good banner.

This is simply stunning ! one of the best things I’ve seen around. It definitely reminds me of Bosch. Great work, simply great.


I think the best thing is the beauty. It’s a lovely picture. It Happens to be done in blender, but the idea and art are amazing.

Realy cool work

wow. simply wow. reminds me of an early american style.

the render without the materials
is just as fascinating as the with the materials

Well Done!

Simply beautiful.
and right on spot if I may say so.

For those of you who didn’t follow the competition, here is a link to the painter whose works it was based on; Jacek Yerka


I want to join the crowd appreciating your work here, but even more than that I wanted to ask about how you lit this scene. There’s such a softness to its look. Obviously there’s a good amount of ambient occlusion, and maybe a shadowless sun lamp. Is that right? What other sorts of techniques did you use to get that feel?

Wow… you really know how to make a guy feel good :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback… I’m pleased with the final image and it makes me very happy that this community digs it. Thanks for the critique and kind words.

Thanks Enigmatic, you are right… I used very little lighting.

I only incorporated three lamps…

White Sun Lamp w/ Energy=0.2 and Distance=40
White Hemi Lamp w/ Energy=0.2 and Distance=40
White Spot Lamp w/ Energy=1.5, Distance=30, Buffered Shadows

I rendered in Raytrace and Approximate AO and then combined the two images using GIMP. I could have used Blender… but I was running out of time and I’m not handy with nodes yet.

Raytrace Ambient Occlusion w/ Energy=2.0, Samples=10, ADD, PLAIN
Approximate Ambient Occlusion w/ Energy=2.0, Passes=0, ADD, PLAIN

The trick to this lighting was actually in the material shaders… I made every object Emit a little bit of energy (0.2). This really flattened out the picture and gave enough light to the objects.

Material Shaders:
Minnaert,Phong, No Specular, and Emit = 0.2

I spent some time experimenting with the lighting… as you can see in this image.

Click to Enlarge:

This is incredible, 5* from me and a lot of respect too :slight_smile: