Afar - Space exploration/adventure game! :)

Hey everyone! I’m working on a multiplayer game that will involve space wars. Some of the details have been sorted out, although this is very early on the project. I made a notepad document of ideas, here it is:

    All Multiplayer
    In Space
        Join/Create a ship
        Choose class(Captain/Marine)
            Controls entire ships course
            Controls ship upgrades and statistics
            Controls destination
            Can wage war
            Controls repairs
                Machine Gun
                Rocket Launcher
            Captain can appoints important Marines.
            Captain can go into battle:
                Captain can die:
                    Head marine becomes captain
            Captain can stand down:
                Make someone else captain
            Captain hires marines
            First Person
            Can see arms, hair(for the Hairdresser weapon) and legs and stoof
            Can have there own little ship
            Can be hired(price dependant on skill level)
            Can do side quests
            Can comunicate with other ships(allowing for spying)
            Can kill captain(allow for mutany :D)
                morph Gun:
                    Shoots out laser(duh)
                    (rightclick) has charge mode that does more damage and blows people apart.
                    QE Switch weapon
                    Can set things on fire
                    Can be used to cook items
                    Will burn ship irreparably
                    Fixes parts of ship
                    Upgrade:Place new walls
                    harvests organs from dead players for money (credits)
                    Adds gravity within a certain bubble in whatever direction you are facing
                    Expires after 10 seconds
                    Stops time for whoever you shoot it at :D
                    Reload takes a half a minute
                    Expires after 3 seconds
                    Fries person instantly
                    Have to buy energy things(with REAL money :P)
                    Makes peoples hair grow so they can't see
            Stick to walls
            Allow climbing
            Manipulate individual objects gravity
            Can perform gravity kills.
            Realistic injuries:
                Headshot, instant kill
                Arm shot, switch weapon arm/more shakey (0.1)
                Leg shot, constant crawl/against wall, lean(0.5)
                Chest shot, Lean over/spew every so often(0.7)
                Heart shot, instant kill
                Bleeding, too much loss will kill
            Big/slow/Hyperdrive slow
            Good Defence/Offence
            Low Offence/Defence/Bad speed
            Wont get picked up by radars/can turn invisible/Warms up hyperdrive faster/Can access hidden signals
            Low offense
            Medium Defence/Fast speed
            Fast hyperdrive
    2187 - Exotic matter discovered
    2346 - First portable spaceship(powered by exotic matter
    2360 - Commercial space flight is normal
    2361 - Wormhole opened by particle excelerator
    2364 - Wormhole opened to seperate space-time bubble
    2370 - TimeTravel through wormhole(discover universe recalculation theory is wrong. It sprouts new spacetime)
    2495 - Running out of recources(all leaving earth)
    2502 - begin stealing from other universes
    2524 - War breaks out over recource custody
    2529 - Earth is attacked, trying to stop them from doing this
    2530 - Evacuation ships are being prepared(going to go to alternate space time, further than they have gone before)
    NOW  - You are in the middle of a counter-attack planning session when bombs begin getting dropped on your area. 
         - You need to get out, several people are  taking transport to the evacuation area
         - You grab onto the transport and ride over there(not meant to)
         - ou get onto the ship, and ride out! :D
Other Planets:
    30 Planets(20Quests):
        HUmans - shit 
        Xray style
            Xray style crabs(Hostile)
    ALiens that talk with pitches
    Computer aliens
    Steampunk planet
    Stone age planet(Different type of species)
    Easter egg planet
    Aliens that can teleport
    Murder mystery quest
    Planet where it all exists in the core
    SOft skin aliens
    Aliens that make you haloucinate(pretend to be marine)
    Generic futuristic planet :]
    Stretchy aliens
    Leather like material made from alien cows
    Trees made out of stuff other than wood(specific :D)
        Food stores:
        Fuel replenishers
        Crystal Converters
        zenos (Z with line through it as symbol) - $0.25
        Dollars - $1
        gowes (B with accent) - $2

Some basic gameplay is here

And some images of the spaceships:

I won’t reveal too much about the storyline or the world this takes place in, but its a very twisted one. Anyway, I’ll update this post as I go along, hope you like the end product

What a horrible video!
The arms take too much screen space. Your ships look like lazily made. But hey, that’s a beginning right? Good luck and go improve your stuff!

A piece of advice:
Next time you do a video, run some tests first, to make sure the controllers work fine. Also, don’t change directions too fast, it’s confusing. YOu need to have a goal for showing your vid, like, showing controllers, showing ships in action, etc. Mention it!

I’m sorry but I really don’t understand what your saying? The graphics in this game are way better than many I see on the forum(although thats not the main focus of the game), and the ship designs fit with the world perfectly. Its a very different reality than most other sci-fis which is why your probably confused, but they really make sense in this word. I also don’t understand whats wrong with the controls. They work very well and handle fairly smoothly(although they need a little bit of work), I just need to lower the sensitivity on some of them so I can fit through spaces easier. They are also more advanced than many controls in other FPS, more similar to outlasts in fact, It has automatic crouching, vaulting over objects and several other things which work fairly well(the animations need work though). The only trouble they had was when standing up when crouching, at that part lasted just under a second.

I can understand the arms taking too much space though, that part I will probably change, and next video will have me talking so I can clear up a few things. Thanks for your comment though, and I will attempt to clear up some of the misunderstandings of this game :D.

Don’t take me wrong, the effort you spent so far is praisable. The little demo is acceptable. Comparing to others wont make it any better!
The video however is not well done! One cannot understand it, it’s a brutal mess. In your place I’ll try it many times before publishing. Also you need to clarify the purpose of your video! Is it to show the controls system? The marine’s mode/controls? I just see an attempt to an fps setup that needs a lot of work!
Keep it up, and don’t think I’m trying to bring you down, I’m just pointing out what I see wrong!

Camera Field of view is little too narrow, you should probably increase it. Looks promising though, keep working on it!

Thats ok, I can understand your points. I found the origional comment more of an attack than helpfull advice, but this comment is much more friendly. I’ll upload a new video soon with smoother controls. I have also taken your advice and made the arms a bit less visible, and Ive also increased the field of view so you can see more. BTW, yeah the video is meant to show the marines controls, I’ll add that into the description as I guess the title isn’t enough. Thanks for your advice though, no hard feelings :D.

Thanks, I’ve taken your advice and increased the field of view, definitely looks alot better now :D.

Also the camera seems to be positioned at the chest, that’s way the arms feel out of place…

Ok, I’ve taken all your suggestions and made a new video, here it is :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed up the controls and made them less glitchy. I’ve also changed the angle that they come from so you can see more, but also feel like your a head and not a chest(thanks for the advice @torakunsama :D). I’ve also made it so when you crouch your arm doesn’t rotate with your head(you have no idea how difficult that was lol, I hate orientation matrices >:( lol :D). I’ve also changed the roll animation.

Some other stuff I’ve done(that isn’t in the video) is weapon switching. The weapon switching works, although its slightly buggy so I decided not to show it.

I’ll be posting a short video on the world this game takes place in soon, as that will make the design of the ships make more sense :slight_smile:

OK, much better! Way to go! Now your video makes a bit more justice to all the work you put into your project.
Now, how are the different classes to interact in the game?

Thanks torakunsama :D! I’ve updated the info at the start to outline what they can do and how they connect :D. I’ve also been working on the multiplayer aspect, the system I’ll use should be finished within a few days, then I just have to implement it :D.

By the way, I noticed my project is very similar to yours, I do apologize. I’ll try and change some things in mine so its more unique, I just had a similar idea lol :D.

Ok, I’ve done tons of optimizing, so it now runs at around 50-70 fps on a 7 year old laptop :D. All the lighting is now baked, so it has AO and looks way better :D. I’ve also been working on the arms animations, so they are alot smoother and look more realistic.

On the network side, I’ve figured out how I want the server and client to interact, and have set up most of the network side. It uses UDP for anyone wondering, cause I cannot get TCPs socket.accept to work without freezing the game(until someone joins), and it doesn’t accept connections when in another thread for some reason.

I’ve also been working on expanding the cruiser spaceships interior a bit, so it now has a few more vertical sections, including an airlock which allows you out into space(which quickly kills you lol :D).

Storywise I’ve figured out how I want to begin the game before it gets into the multiplayer part(tutorial Island if you like :D), and its going to be a pretty exciting start :D. I’ve also cemented the main storyline, including quite a bit of history of the game world.

Anyways, I’ll also update the document at the top in a few days after discussing all this stuff with my partner, but soon it should have a detailed history of the game world, information about the data I’m sending for multiplayer, several new items and mechanics, and also possibly another ship :D. I’ll also post another video in the next few days showing the ships in action, showing the updated graphics, animation and gameplay, hope you like it :smiley:

Edit: BTW, cause I’ve restarted the ship there is no baked lighting, YET, but hopefully what I said here will still apply once its done :slight_smile:

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Ok, here’s the update video, outlining most of the stuff in the post above :).(BTW, videos still uploading but I need to get to sleep, it will finish with the next few mins :slight_smile: )

Here are a a few renders of what the final lighting will look like:

I’ve worked on the kitchen area quite a bit, and have started on the command room. Here are some previews :):

(BTW, for some reason sometimes they only show as links, just click them to see the image :), )
I’ve also begun working on picking up objects, its going quite well :slight_smile:
I’m going to start on the relaxation area(around where the metal beds were in the previous post), I’ll update when thats done :).

Ok, another update! :). I’ve baked all the lighting, and used some tricky texture mapping and scripts to simulate light changing and shadow casting for the dynamic objects. :). I’ve also added picking up and throwing objects as well, although its a little glitchy.
I will release a tutorial for the light baking, cause it can make games run several times faster, with a better look :).

Looks pretty good (some of the screenshots look great), but I think you need to re-work the right arm and gun. The hand looks too bright and the gun looks too flat, in my opinion. Seems like it could be a cool game, good luck. :slight_smile:

Thanks RossBlenderArt! :). I agree with the hand looking too bright, it doesn’t have the same material settings as the other objects which makes them react to light changes :(. Not sure how I’ll fix that though, as the character is a linked object so I cant change the texture(Which simulates the realtime lighting) per scene. I think I’ll have to look into the videotexture module, that might help :).

With the gun though, there’s a reason it looks like that, with some better texturing I think it will be nice, it needs to be more rocky lol :smiley:

if you shoot while running, you might be able to hit your own fingers :wink:

This is my opinion but don’t stress yourself too much with those tweaks at this point. Just focus on content, features and gameplay and you can polish those materials and models after that. Looks promising!

Lol, I think the raycast hits the hand as well, I wonder if I should make the hand get injured or not lol :D.
Yeah, I agree with you :). I should focus on the gameplay itself before working on the levels and such. I’ll admit though, I get a little sick of programming sometimes, so during those I’ll do graphics and stuff(its more tangible I guess :P). Thanks :).

Anyways, apologies as I haven’t posted any updates recently, and the amount will go even lower until the end of the month. I have to put this project on hold until then because I just joined another competition lol :D. I have a few more pics for you though, as I started working on one of the planets. Its a forest environment, so its been challenging keeping the fps decent(at the moment its about 30fps, although ironically most of it is being used by LOD and other things lol :D).

Here are some pictures of what it looks like at the moment:

(BTW, the houses will look better in the final thing, also the windows alpha will work(alpha goes funny if your not in gamemode))