afedoruk Sketchbook

Just a small exercise to get my hands dirty after quite a long break

Preparing to Sculpt January!

The same seahorse composed a bit.

An axolotl. That’s a part of my personal sculptjanuary challenge:

Branchia is not ready yet (it should be a hair system so I’m going to create them later, not during sculpting marathon) as well as materials.

That seahorse looks pretty nice. You should render it in a coral reef or something.

This one is inspired by the famous shot from “Trip to the moon” movie (1902)

Another one from sculptjanuary: an owl! To be honest I just don’t know what to do with feathers.

And another one. A small monster based on a concept of Creaturebox

Another (wannabe) cute monster based on a character byjuliencanavezes:

This one again based on the concept by juliencanavezes:

Another monster. This time based on the work by Chris Ryniak
There is huge space for improvements but I really like this guy!

Quick exercise: an ear

And the last piece from my first Sculptjanuary: Popeye the Saylor! (Yeah, I know that it’s not even January now)

first exercise with animation nodes

Geometry nodes exercise inspired by Organic Growth: Crystal Reef Project