Affinity Photo vs Photoshop for post-production of 3d renders

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I posted this in Blender and CG Discussions, but it might be not the best place.

I work in a furniture company, and I use Photoshop to post-process the 3d renders I make. However, now I have a new colleague, and we won’t be able to have two Photoshop licenses. I’ve been thinking of moving to Affinity Photo, since it’s a lot cheaper.

Can Affinity Photo replace Photoshop for this kind of work? Are things like making seamless patterns possible? Are there channels and blending modes, and tools like content aware fill available in Affinity Photo?

What’s your opinion?

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I think it does a better job at compositing than Photoshop because of better HDR handling and OCIO configs.
It has blending modes of course, adjusments layers are also more responsive than in PS. Channels is a weird workflow, copying a channel to another is complex for no reason, but doable.
Content Aware fill is called inpainting, I’ll let you judge if that’s enough for what you want to achieve (

I left PS for AP about two years ago. Took some getting used to, since I had many years of muscle memory built up in PS, but I haven’t looked back. And since I got AP for half off, I suppose I am saving a nice chunk of dough too.

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