Affliction of Conquest

We need to get more modelers and texturers whom are good with space objects and futuristic themed structures and vehicles.

Also, scripters who can script advanced java or c++ would be appreciated.

contact me at [email protected]

trust me, this game is much more than i am letting. I just dont want a bunch of idiots offering, so i wont disclose to much.

You might want to consider revealing a little bit more, to get people interested. But require some sort of a ‘proof of skill’ to be allowed in the project. Professionals will (and rightfully so) be more picky about their projects than a noob…you need something to draw them in :slight_smile:

Yea, like Keith said, give us a teaser of what you are doing. At the moment, it looks like nothing has been done. Maybe an idea or a sketch or some renders or something to show us that you are truly serious :).